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I played basketball with the boys right and really cool family that their dad was a traveling salesman and founding sales but but his mom and dad like we're part of the basketball booster gray and we all got along really well with all really cool family they found out like when the kids were in high school that he had another family in chicago with a similar dynamic and he just never told him wow now that's a legal but he pulled it and he tried to pull it off yeah now though with social media and facebook and i mean it'd be almost impossible oh yeah i don't even think ronaldinho can pull this i don't think so falls tackled luck to him for trying god bless all right the sunday was the one hundred second running of the indianapolis five hundred it had its worst rating in history of three point four and the ratings of continually dip no surprise since two thousand sixteen the year of the one hundred threatening of the race there was a time when indycar and specifically the indy five hundred was a memorial day must see even in my family we knew nothing about very was delayed you can only listen to it on the radio in the morning i listen to it on the radio and then you could watch it and i'll night yeah on sunday night it's all dead now the racist literally on life support from a ratings perspective why has the indy five hundred fallen off the map and is there any way to fix it i think it's because an ask our next nascar just passed it up it's so nascar ratings are also low and i think that you know back in the old days i could name like i still i could probably name ten indy five hundred car winners in the seventies and eighties whether it be mario andretti your aj foyt or rick mears or emerson fittipaldi your.

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