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Foundation says coco's capacity for language and empathy opened the minds and hearts of millions of people cocoa appeared in many documentaries and twice in national geographic the guerrillas nineteen seventyeight cover featured a photo that the animal had taken of himself in a mirror the foundation says it will honor coco's legacy with sign language application featuring koko for the benefit of guerrillas and children as well as other projects and coco was very attached to this little kitty cat for the longest time i recall the story the cat passed on at some point and coco was very very sale picture of cocoa with the keeney kitty that's a different case so cocoa kitties different kitty i think they got cocoa a new kitty and and coco is going to have any last words so it says here oh yes cocoa said me like kitty that's all and cocoa attributed his longevity to smoking wants to ghar every day don't no so the michelle higgins she put together a memorial or outside of the department of workforce services in honor of her father thomas stanfield who police say was shot and killed by a security officer yesterday morning i'm heartbroken she said my father didn't need to go out that way ms higgins got a call from her grandmother saying your father's been shot honestly i think he was just walking by and i feel like the security officer profiled him and assumed and made a wrong judgement said higgins salt lake city police say that these security officer in question timothy lutes confronted mr stanfield around five o'clock in.

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