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On air on Alexa or on the W two Utopia. 5 28 traffic and weather on the age to Jo Conway in the W T o p traffic center. Dick will start off in Virginia, where the 95 quarters improved much You're in good shape north and south bound between Fredericksburg in Springfield right now, EZ Pass things Run north, You'll find the seem to be true as a result on 3 25 north bound south down between the Potomac River. And the Springfield Interchange City sixties. Bennett's a brief tap on the brakes through Vienna, leaving 1 23 toward the street into the long term Work zone, where the lanes narrow driving in Maryland on the capital Beltway. No complications reported to 78 Good ride. 1 17 Clapper Road expect to find big delays building both ways approaching Seneca Creek State Park for their lights event. Same situation in Prince George's County along 1 93 between Central Avenue and Land overrode. That event takes place at Watkins Regional Park. Elsewhere, Prince George's county looking for a crash on Route four, South bound your Dower House road. Police should be there. Prince George's police and Fire reported that they've reopened the interchange of the Super Parkway. It's overkill right after this morning's crash and to cause a lot of damage as well brought down some utility lines. And some road damage. They tell us that the Thea entire stretch there that the intersections now open and available movie some lingering delays to get through watch for some delays on eastbound Route 50 in Maryland, approaching Sandy Point. You're expecting Tol have another draw. Another big crowd for their holiday lights display district had a crash on to 95 North Bend on the ramp to go west on 6 25 and police. Were there were brought to you by Maryland Lottery. Multiply the cheer when you play or give Bear with lottery holiday multiples multiplier scratch offs. And your winnings could be instantly multiplied up to $100,000. Or enter second chance drawings, too, in cash or a warehouse shopping spree from the Maryland lottery. I'm joke, homey wtp traffic. Now storm Team four meteorologist Brianna Berman Solo a little winter weather to talk about For tonight. It's dry, clear forecast for the finished your Sunday and then things will start.

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