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On your mind today, buddy? You tell what the shooting there. The original video showed until the was armed with a bat. Did you see that we talked about? Yeah. We we looked at him in the video. He doesn't I can't tell that he has one. But now we'll tell you this when he was shot. We did hear something hit the ground like bat. You look at the the father when he shoots. I mean, I'm not justifying it or take another. Well, you never taken over mattress. But the father actually steps backwards and falls down. So with a good attorney. I mean, I'm just saying he did have a battle scene out here. They're going to get him. Well, the way they and I don't know how the law in Texas will work, but I think. Of course, ground low. Right. They also were we gotta figure out is what kind of paperwork did they have on the guns because I think we all could agree. They escalated a neighborhood trash mattress situation by walking up this time with weapons that's what infuriated the guy that. They would bring guns with his kids standing around over a mattress. Now that that doesn't mean that it didn't lead to a point to where they can prove they defended themselves against him in a bat. But they'll still be the question of. But did you guys escalate the whole situation? Sure. They oh. Yes. Bloated blew out of proportion. I mean mattress is not something worth the laugh over. Never get the. But I mean, they're playing it is they murdered him. I mean straight up we don't know the whole story. Now, there's other things I bet if we really knew the whole story, they have a long history of conflict and no telling what topics over, but there was no winner in this for sure. Yeah. Just the behavior of all the human beings involved. Just looks like we're devolve in not not not moving forward is human beings. It really did. It felt like walking dads would listen. Yeah. Because I mean it stupid. And she sitting there video nine one one. Yeah. Yeah. I thought about that too. The first time I heard the story. I thought you know, maybe there's things we could do. I know you're trying to say I wanna prove it. But now, you really have is video of your fiance or husband that he was called both in two different stories shot dead. And we'll see, but yeah, you're right. They're lawyers. You wanna come back and say now, we're conveniently leaving out the bat. Still due to the case. What was it Illinois shop together video girlfriend showed it but never showed him Gribben? Again. They ended it before. Yeah. Wait a minute women watch this right here. We're watching right? He does not have the bat when they show. Fiance him the bat bat right there for saying. Here's the worry the bat the bat when he got shot right there there it is. So he's bat and then and then the dad falls back. Yeah. You're right about you can see the frame here. It is you can see the bat in the air awry. One more right there. Juniors. Do. One more there. See the see the Brown and the black. It is head. They're there under his armpit turnaround. TV rabbi there if that's. Yeah. You see it? Now. Right there. Okay. I was looking in front of him. Now, there's the bat and you see that. He's just not. See something you don't like it. You're sitting there. He's nowhere. You don't see the number six. And you see how he is moving. So he's making a reaction away from the bat hitting him. And then for some reason the sun thinks that hadn't shot him good enough. And he he he bears down on him with a shotgun. Right there. So. Yeah. Well, they went out there looking for trouble. There's no doubt. I don't know how the laws in Texas will handle that Timothy is in Texas is let's Dr Timothy Timothy go ahead. Hey, monkey grass Greenacres, thanks for the call. Thank you very much. So talk to us. So I've got an interesting background as far as known a little bit about the guy who was killed. So my my wife's a teacher and that guy who was killed his he lives in a house where it's his fiancee enough wife. Because it does say fiance. Well, she says my husband. She didn't interviews where we get that. But they are not married. And when she says, my kids, those aren't his kids, those are her kids and. Along with him his girlfriend her kids. He also has his best friend that lived with them in the house and his kids. And so is best friends kids go to school at the elementary school that my wife teaches at and he has a history of violent. They were everybody was won him. She is gone into school customer out the secretary and stuff before in the same manner that he was shown on the video like with that type of aggression and everything so it definitely a history of of that kind of just intimidation and stuff towards anybody. So the reason why I think this what you're saying. I I wasn't sure where you're going with this. Because there's a lot of people that have houses that have multiple families living in that, you know, that our shit don't deserve to be shot. But what you're saying is that he has a personality reputation that that may be why they brought the guns. Yeah. Because one of the stories that we heard living in Abilene stuff is that. So he had the the mattress into the dumpster, and those dumpsters are in the alleys. And it's like her street the city provides those trash cans and stuff. And so he put the. Mattress in the dumpster. But then those guys apparently had thrown it back into his backyard. So I think that's where it escalated as he brought it back to the dumpster. And then it kind of went from there. They get it out of the dumpster and throw it in the backyard. They thought he was taking too much room in the dumpster you but mattresses in it. Yes. Yeah. That's none of that. Equate killing somebody. But I understand what you're saying. But man, the the shirtless factor going into the cop cars and everything that is. That's that's right there. I doubt that these guys chose to be shirtless. They arrived on the scene if you're going to have a gun standoff. I don't see why you dress that way. I mean that is not an intimidation factor at their.

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