Financial Crisis, Canada, Thatcher discussed on Cory Doctorow's Podcast - Interview with Wired UKs Upvote podcast


Nice yeah so then i guess that at least the question what is the stomach problem where where is this will come from an i guess the the most komen exclamation out that would be the in some way disor relates to the great recession this is a a product to the two thousand eight financial crisis and and what's come from that so i think that that the crisis is a fact not a cause i think that the financial eyes asian of everything that the shift you know that you can really date to thatcher and reagan and pinochet and brian mulroney in canada from uh markets as a place that you go to once a fortnight to a moral ideology that tells you who is deserving and who isn't um this kind of circular reasoning of meritocracy which you know i hasten to remind you was a was a satirical term when it was coined by the same fine fellow gave us the open university that this idea that like the best people are rewarded by the market and we can tell because we're the best people we know in the market has rewarded us uh that moral philosophy after decades did not produce shared prosperity did not produce productivity gains and we talk a lot about robots taking your these jobs robots are taking everybody's giles why would anyone pay to build robots when labor is so cheap after the systematic dismantling of all labour health and safety and environmental rules for a decade and a half.

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