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And be his sold out. But there's a couple of j. left Friday is not nailed down yet, but it's almost and I just wanna get you guys excited but don't get your hopes up because you know things change. Hopefully, Heather McMahon will finally be on the toes of the foam about that too. But I do on your week away. I have one day they little and she did say that she's going to be in New York that week. Hopefully I'll be able to get her also. Fantastic. So it's good because you know the pros and cons con's. You're not going to be here, but pros we are more than making up for it yet with very fun coho. No, and that's what we end today. We have a guest Dominic pin from wags will be coming on a little bit later. So if you have any questions, obviously, make sure to drop them on our latest. Instagram tweeted us by the way we need the wags t like I feel like they give us nothing in the off season, and she is here to just give us everything and I'm very offseason stubble on double entendre. Anyways, we have jam packed show for you today. We hit his dear toasters because we know you guys need our advice and we have been remiss in our dear toaster duty. If you're new by the way we've been getting so many like new people, I keep getting tweet it out like, oh, man, I just discovered the morning shows. I don't know how you just discovered it because they literally don't talking about it and neither Jew, but like, welcome we have a lot of newbies. And so for those who don't dare toasters is our weekly, what we try to do it weekly, but we always forget it. Advice segments emailed to your toasters We will answer some of your most troubling questions, and I just wanna say to them last night and y'all boring as hell. Like I want more. I want more interesting ones I to dig deep to find some semi interesting ones is always about just like work or like boyfriends, and that makes me happy to know that you guys are doing okay, like that's true. Aren't that big? And I just won't good things for the toaster. So I would. I would love to live in a world where we have no dear toasters. Yeah, everyone's happy, but at the same time, hit us with a couple more interesting vice, I'd like, but I dug through the weeds. I got some good ones and we'll be doing that a little bit later on, but not before we deliver the fest, five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toasts. We have a very well rounded group stories for you today. We're not gonna talk about how Meghan Markle turned thirty seven even though she did by the way she's older than Kate and William or no or around the like right that, but I didn't fact check it. Yeah. So interesting. What else I wanted. In fact checking, we'll get into this. The age difference between Courtney with between Scott and Sophia versus Courtney Eunice, because I think it's actually the same. We need to dive deep into our second story. Okay. She's a year older than Prince, William. Oh my God, Margaret effective for us the fact checker. So when they go around the table at thanksgiving, like in birth order? Yeah, she goes, I say, what she's thankful for that really is so bizarre. I don't know if there will ever come time. We're all stop talking about Meghan. Markle. Do you don't even know? I hope not. I think this is the way people were with Princess. Diana, like Kate, I couldn't stop talking about it when it was happening. I haven't spoken about her in a while because she's just like normal and like, let's your life like I will never stop talking about my in Markle..

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