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Call that was made by Nick Fury he didn't take a dumb stack He didn't run out of bounds that would have essentially turned the ball over to the falcons at midfield He threw the football away When the play was there he made the play when it wasn't he got rid of the football or made the smart play with his legs Smarts is what you could take into the next game Athleticism people figure out But when it comes to everything else you got to play with what's left between your ears You've got a coach with what's between years I thought Nick sary did a great job in game planning and Jalen hurts did a great job executing This hurts Davante Smith partnership looks like a match made in heaven At least in game one I mean that looks like it could be something really magic Oh I that the rub route that Zach Ertz and Devante Smith ran on the outside but basically Zach Ertz made it impossible for the defender to stick with devonta Smith and Bobby Smith as quick enough and fast enough to pull this off as well But it was like something that they had ran a thousand times in Alabama even though I believe only 12 passes were completed from hertz to Smith while the two of them were at Alabama's second time But they just look like the type of guys that can look at each other know the play know the timing of the route and knowing how to execute it And one of the most impressive things about that play was after the game Devante Smith was asked when did you know that was going to be a touchdown And devonta Smith said when I looked up and I saw man coverage Yeah Before the play was even run he saw the coverage knew they were going to execute that play because they had run it so many times in practice He and Zachary and also Jalen hurts obviously But when devonte Smith saw man coverage knew the player they were running knew his own ability knew that play was first knew also that Jalen hurts was going to hit him and try to the end zone They knew that they were going to execute that plate of infection to get the touchdown When he saw man covers they knew they had 7 points See I've never played so I don't know what I'm talking about but I would guess that like anything that you do having been in broadcasting anyway you know when you work with somebody long enough and you enjoy working with them and you click it clicks and you try other combinations It never you know and it can be okay but it's never quite right But when you get that just right partnership and broadcasting it's magic and you never want it to end I wonder how much that's true in football You know if you played with somebody and you had a light shop career together say in college or on a former team and then you're reunited I wonder how much that matters You just naturally feel better and more comfortable and know how to read one another Oh certainly I mean my one year of playing organized football at archbishop wood I became extremely acquainted with the bench Like I always knew where the bench was going to be and then I would find it It would find me It was just a great we were on the same page We always clicked We always clicked But no that's a great point Those two players they know each other so well And in any working relationship I always try to break this down for people because it's not that different I know people look at the money and obviously the money's huge when it comes to professional athletes and how they're treated in the attention and all that Well when it comes down to it these are all people in a working environment When you are in any field and you have to work with other people it's always good when less communication is needed because there's already an understanding And that's what exists between those two parties between Jalen hurts and deposits I mean Caleb hurts and I think it was the second quarter He hit devonte Smith for consecutive passes simply because that was the guy that was open and that was the guy he was on the same page with And that was by the way another praise of Philadelphia said that was after devonta Smith held a block on the outside as a wide receiver that was too skinny for the NFL quote unquote held his block on the outside to make sure miles Sanders got I believe an 8 guard run or something like that On the outside And then after that caught four straight passes So that's what speaks to the diversity of devonte Smith But no they're on the same and that's ultimately what you need between a wide receiver and a quarterback So your final takeaway is this team is going to be better than a lot of people predicted Yeah I mean I had a 9 in 8 and I try not to get caught up in a lot of other predictions because ultimately nobody really knows I get it But I felt that Nick Siri hanni was going to come in here and be creative I saw enough of Jalen hurts last year to know that the athlete and the quarterback were going to be good enough to warrant at least a one year audition to see if he could be the quarterback of the future Not just mister right now but mister Wright for the eagles to speak in a cliche I saw that last year from him But in this particular game I saw the next step because last year the criticism under Jalen hurts was if he doesn't know the play he'll make a play And that's not always the best thing in the world because of the quarterback he should know.

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