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Six year old, who was shot and killed last night in Southeast D. C. Has now been identified. This is a six year old. Was now dead, not coming. Bad family, grieving little friends breathing. Her name was Nadia Courtney and at a press conference D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser, along with D C. Police chief Robert Conte. Condemned gun violence with Conti, adding that police were only a few feet away when the shooting occurred. You're talking about Delaware killers. They don't care if it's the police, the National Guard or whoever it is. Five others were also shot but are expected to be okay. Officials are now offering a reward of up to $60,000 for information leading to an arrest a case a James W. T o P News. This is Nick I Nellie. It's hard to believe how many young kids have been shot in this area recently. This latest case involving the six year old girl who Was killed marks the fourth child under the age of eight to be shot in D. C over the past three months. Earlier this month on the Fourth of July, a five year old boy playing in his Columbia Heights backyard was shot in the hand during a picnic. In May, there were two cases. A seven year old girl was shot and seriously injured while playing outside in northeast and a five year old boy was left with serious injuries after he was shot outside his home near Logan Circle. Nick in L. A. W T O P News. Meanwhile, a man was shot to death by police in a McDonald's drive through. Police say the man was in the drive thru last night on Flower Hill Way at Woodfield Road in Gaithersburg, the 21 year old man ordered food, then refused to pay or move his vehicle. Least were called and when they arrived, they saw a handgun on the front passenger seat and call for backup. Additional officers arrived. They evacuated the McDonald's staff after more than 30 minutes of trying to de escalate the situation. Police say they did open fire, killing the man. When an officer related shooting happens like this, the involved officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the news that we're following tonight. The communications director for D C council member and former mayor Vince Gray has Been arrested in court documents, a man said to Kia tape, tried to choke him and struck his head with a bottle. The attack happened in an apartment on Hay Street northeast. Two other defendants also charged in the incident, punched and kicked them in one tried to stab him, punctured his stomach and cut his shoulder. The court documents say that one of the other two defendants has Children with the man. It has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon in the attack. Gray's office said in a statement that she has been placed on administrative leave. She pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing and was released Her next court date is in November. Valerie Bank W T O p News coming up some strong storms moving across the area. We'll have a live update 907 now in Washington..

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