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Merchandise must be 21 or older play responsibly for help call one 800 gambler. 5 28 traffic and weather together on the 8s boat Durant. Just go a couple of new problems on the Dan Ryan here. Let's start on the inbound side of the Dan Ryan around Pershing and injury crash the left lane is blocked Chicago fire cruiser there with it. Further up on the Dan Ryan, when you try to get from the inbound Dan Ryan to the outbound Stevenson, we have a report of a crash involving a semis that's on the ramp, ramps and bridges where we're seeing a lot of the problems today. Take it easy if you are driving to really slow it down on those elevated surfaces especially on the Dan Ryan where it crosses over the Stevens and all the ramps that connect the Ryan and the Stevenson notorious spots for a lot of problems, but that's the inbound Ryan ramp to the outbound Stevenson where may have a semi crash or to the end of the ramp. A new problem on the Eisenhower on the inbound side right around independence looks like a crash that was involved in an ur or a car that was involved in an earlier crash was left abandoned and sitting here in the right center lane sits on the inbound side of the Ike at independence, the right center lane is blocked, and we also have an issue on southbound I 57 at volmer report of a semi crash here. It looks like at least one lane is blocked in northwestern Indiana, eastbound I 94, around U.S. 20 near burns harbor there's a crash involving a semi that went over the median it stuck on the median crews are blocking the left side of both directions here as they work on it just plan on delays I 94 both directions near U.S. 20 and burns harbor next traffic report at 5 38 from the metro traffic center, news radio 105 9 wbm. We have a lot of blowing snow in Chicago land. That'll be here throughout the day. A high of just two below zero wind chills will make it feel like 40 below at times.

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