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The following podcast is a deer media production. Welcome to the absolutely not podcast where we do the most in the least at the same damn time I'm your host Heather McMahon Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the pint cats at the absolutely not line podcast whatever you WANNA call it. I don't even have truly words for the person sitting in front of me today. Welcome come Jennifer Love Hewitt away. I'm so thrilled you're here. We have so much to discuss. Thanks for having me. Oh my God thank you for coming. You are truly like an icon and I know you don't take like flattery well but when we met like two or three months ago I was it's just like shook in your presence so the Italian stallion. Let's let's down okay so we nutley claim to fame. Yes truly yeah so we met online and the next thing you know as like adult ladies do we all have new friendships online by and then when I told my didn't tell Jeff we're going to lunch and then I just sent him a photo after no. I didn't tell him I wanted to surprise them because Jeff has just so like for the listeners so you have a little back reference you are jeff's biggest crush of all time and so then we sent him a photo all of us together and he was the responses he called me. Immediately didn't even tell what all I always just like control yourself. Do we really made his week. His month has life. You guys are the cutest couple I can't take it. Oh you and your her husband <unk> so he's the cute in the couple. He's dreamy. He is dreaming on that working together right did <hes> let's talk about that. How is it because here's the thing I you know that little acting that I've done like I could never ver- date and other creative one? Also the men in Hollywood are like four eleven yes except my husband except your husband now. He's a dream and he doesn't wear lifts in his shoes and the other actors either shape ups. I checked check uh-huh yeah no so it was it was complicated at first because I was his boss so that was you know you have to be professionally deal with things lay and then he was really scared of actresses which I totally get be terrifying. We're all wrong. We're on people and I was really unsure of what kind of actor I was going to get because it can be a disaster writers together so anyway it took us a minute and then I really courted him because he was scared of of us working together being an actress since I was like let me prove to this guy that I'm a normal person issue and that is going to be okay and so it worked I mean I kind of quoted Jeff in a weird way. He walked in the bar and I said out loud. I'm GONNA marry him but we did like a mutual friend very casually so he didn't think at the time he was like oh well she data my other friend like you know and I wasn't I knew that I was just better off friends with his other and so it took a couple of months I told somebody when I met Brian for the first I said I'm going to marry him. You just know same thing and she was like sweetheart. Look at him every every gonNA marry him and I was like well that's true but I'm actually going to do it and so we did yeah that worked out. I don't know what that is like. Psychologically what that little voice that it tells you but I just knew and when I look back I actually have a photo of big group photo of Jeff and all of our friends at night that we met and he had like no hair was ghostly Pale almost jaundice like he needed. He looked unwell but I knew in that moment so it's really really been aglow up from there. That's always nice isn't it. Yeah always glow always trying to go up so you found love in a hopeless place which is very exciting said well. You've been working as an actress into your kid. Okay now. You're on my favorite show of all time..

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