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Do you like monster wants to eat it it's god listen to get across to get a little garlic sauce on it we get some extra pizza sauce actual arrangement little ranch action how would the last bite of a pasta still the same no you're right about that one right the same rule applies to the salad I guess Christopher do you remember the the the the time you infamously stole my last night of love famous don't tell that story because it's in for me within the coding family we were yeah I think you just ruined the punch line I don't know how does it end we were in Vegas we took a vacation to Las Vegas before I was of age I don't know why my parents did I must've been twelve thirteen fourteen in that range and we went out to this really nice seafood dinner and my dad got the biggest flops there you could get and he was making a big deal if he ate the whole thing and when he got his last bite he was holding the fork up like it was like send them by the fossa hello and and I'm like in thirteen fourteen year old I'm trying to just be a rabble rouser I grabbed the fork and I was like let me see if I let me see it and I take it and he's like he wouldn't do it and I'm just like I'm holding it and I ate it and I and he had like you said it's stuck with them if they bring it up once a year at least so you'd never respected your father do you believe that the phrase is rebel rouser do you believe they get caught up in the air Dan and I were just very often I feel yeah should russet rebel rouser rabble rabble rebel I know I didn't put it on the pole Antonio have you ever heard anyone other than a thousand use the phrase rabble rouser like you shouldn't know that freight speaking of tomatoes leave those out of my salad I do not need to males not salads or one of your child the waiters are chopped into tiny little pieces made other heavy that's a classic ingredient that always sinks to the bottom hem what did I I'm a little cherry tomato missile kind of in half know what it is I get the cherry tomato out of myself yeah and on the ball as well Antonio get the cherry tomato Val out of my salad yes or no does a little ones that you can like fitting your modified yes explode as they burst that's correct why you got to have them they don't explode you avoid that explosion and I've been disqualified from this conversation because I don't eat salad yeah he's been miserable the entire conversation because Roy doesn't mean anything rather but vegetables raw I spent ten years eating out of a vending machine no I eat vegetables but I don't really you are responsible for more stolen Doritos around here than anyone in the history of the Doritos brand you ate for ten years like someone would eat at a at a machine outside of a bait shop that's how it like fish would eat it died it was disturbing I was worried for your future every time I looked up your every meal was bag of Doritos but I'm perfectly healthy thing yeah when I was when I when I first started interning everyone would give me little tasks and the only tax road give me is go get me blue Doritos get me blue Garrido Chris a lot of people on the tax or saying that mac and cheese can be the final bite of Machen fees could be outstanding better than any bike you'll take during the mac and cheese you know I do agree with if you have enough cheese at the end of the skillet that's the thing that's the good thing to do with mac and cheese after you've had the mac you just go around to get the melted cheese all my god get two or three spoonfuls he's mad that she's all all right so one of the nominees here for best last bite the nominees are salad and are we allowing Antonio's pizza here because you made a good argument for but you all seem to disagree with you brought in Pasay the imposter places people right ice cream cone from dust on the bottom of the a bag of Doritos buy low sell high ground for a summer pictures thank people old spice we'll help you smelled better more fragrant Tellem's to god this new brand the commercial segment is brought to buy old spice what the feds and a longtime NFL spokesperson Ricky Montez sweat they have always been a fan of the number ones would run any other and to the contrary in fact the old spies would never consider a person named sweating real sweat as the same thing I would just be crazy crazy crazy crazy so remind me that mon says was name is what he plays defense and old spice what defense is the superior defense against what is it that a great coincidence that's it for now but on the day of their show on ESPN radio.

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