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Sierra Mountain range with heavy snow and windy conditions expected through Friday morning for NPR news. I'm Hi, Jim. Indeed, in San Francisco. Apple says iPhone and iPad users should update their devices immediately to fix security flaws that might have been actively exploited by hackers. Apple is taking the threat seriously and credits anonymous researchers for pointing out the vulnerability, but Wouldn't say exactly the nature of the threat. This is NPR. And it says KCRW on Larry Parole. Here is what's happening in state and local news of 3 32 a plan that would use at least some L a public schools as covert vaccine centers seems to be gaining traction. The county Board of Supervisors has given the go ahead to the idea as KCRW's Terry Glaser reports. L. A unified school district says a dozen campuses with onside clinics and nurses trained to administer vaccines are ready to go. And there's a plan to open up another 48 school based sites. District Superintendent Austin Beauty has been pitching local leaders on using the L. A. U. S. Ds 900 campuses to fight the virus, saying they're well located in a range of communities, including many hit hard by the pandemic, the lanky, easy access to health care Unit also points out that schools are already have a lot of the necessary infrastructure from electricity and restrooms to in some cases, clinics. But l. A county public health director Barbara Ferrer says the issue right now boils down to vaccine doses, she says the county isn't getting enough from Uncle Sam to supply all the potential vaccination sites in this case, your gobies Cherry Glaser reporting. Academy Award winning actress Cloris Leachman has died. The Hollywood Star was known for her roles in films like Young Frankenstein in The Last Picture Show, as well as for her stints on TV shows like Mary Tyler Moore Show She earned two Emmys for her role is landlady Phyllis on that show. It also led to a spin off series and a Golden Globe for the actress. She was 94 years old. Last night, Sacramento City Council meeting, Mayor Darrell Steinberg erupted.

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