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Good there for a while, but Marco has fizzled out. Not more longer. A problem, Laura potentially not a problem for us, but still could be, and we are expecting some storm surge. And I guess that's probably the only concern for ST Tammany. At this point the way things look is the lower lying areas around slide. L'll comb Madisonville Storm surge in the latest I'm getting from the The UPDATES. It looks like about a maybe 2 to 4 ft Surge. What do you guys looking at? That's exactly what I have according to the National Weather Service, and that those are our particular concerns right now. A swell as any residual winds. Tropical storm winds on you know when the evening and Thursday that may Come before East as you know, ST Tammany Parish, So that's concerned. We're trying to make decisions on how to move forward with. Opening of government officers, and I know the schools are trying to determine what to do Those schools that are open in the days to come. For the rest of the week. We know that the projected Storm. Uh, tract is taking it a little further West and then it was projected yesterday. But still while it's a small comb We know that the impact go beyond The cold and wet regard to wind impact and even rain impacts. Getting getting bands of rain fall late tomorrow and even Thursday. Mike. What can you tell us about ST Tammany Parish governmental offices as far as opening a clothes and many changes been made to reopen offices that were closer. They're goingto remain.

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