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What is quantum entanglement? Miriam Webster defines quantum entailment as a property of a set of subatomic particles whereby a quantum characteristic such as spin or momentum of one particle is directly and immediately correlated with the equivalent characteristic of the others regardless of separation space. The national library of medicine simplifies that by describing quantum entanglement as a phenomenon which entangled systems exhibit correlations that can not be explained by classical physics. How does quantum entanglement relate to parallel investigations? It is theorized by some scientists familiar with the topic that quantum entanglement is also a phenomenon that can occur between people. An example of this would be a mother who is miles away from her child, knowing that something is seriously wrong with the child even though she has not spoken with them. This could be a major health event, a car accident, a crime committed against some et cetera. Another example is a young person gets injured while playing with friends and their twin sibling who is in the mall with a parent shows some symptoms of feeling the pain from the injury of their sibling. Our nervous systems are big in tennis of energy. And it is theorized by some scientists that people who are very close to each other emotionally become bound to each other at the quantum level and can share emotions and be aware of strong emotions of each other even at a great distance. Someone who doesn't understand or is unaware of the concept of quantum entanglement could misinterpret the effects of quantum entanglement as paranormal activity. The human mind has the ability to do something called period dolia. Also known as matrixing. Our mind attempts to organize the chaotic. An example of this would be looking at the static on a television channel where there isn't any signal from a station. If you stare at the static, your brain may start to make you believe that you see figures of animals or objects that are more familiar to you in the static. Our mind tries to see patterns where there aren't any in order to make sense of the random, using images that we are more familiar with. If someone is experiencing quantum entanglement and isn't aware of the phenomenon, their mind and matrix the confusion into sounds or images or smells, which someone could interpret as paranormal in nature. I have personally had multiple cases of reported parallel activity that after investigating I came to the conclusion that I believe the perceived parallel activity was a situation of quantum entanglement between two or more people. While quantum entanglement between people has been studied by some scientists there is still much work to be done to conclusively proof theories. However, like most paranormal science we work off of theories and not undisputable, science fact. Quantum entanglement is another theory like many others that we may use to properly describe certain situations of perceived paranormal activity. Please visit us online at WWW dot MW spirit dot com where you can find our social media sites and blog. Thank you for listening to the mount Washington valley spirit podcast. Well, we don't like to be normal. We like to be paranormal..

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