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Even. It wasn't tuesday was. When did he pitch before that. I don't remember his previous outing. Before thousand this for like the stuff on this our monarch guy something. Put a pin on your island. There were the worst size town. I like stuff. Nelson is good stuff. Dial back at it sucks. But he's got good stuff Fissuring put out an interesting tweet yankees. Prospect ron moron meat. I don't know how to this guy's name mirror natio- mirror nacho. That's probably what it is. It's a fun name to say are not gio. He's got a one eight two zero with ninety four strikeouts at opponents On base one eighty five. He's rule file that guy. I'd take that guy where's that what about our more and awarded tissue dicky's before okay walks fuck ton guys. You know what areas both three. And i've seen him get major league. Batters out he's been in motto brooks christie by the way gone the evade that. So that's a good side. I don't trust that it'll be heard that he was claimed by. The red sox concede anywhere. Is there any confirmation that he's actually on the red sox is. That would be hilarious. It'd be a pretty funny troll. Move but yeah until they bring him in the wildcard game and he loses on it put into the ether tournament. He lost zero willow again out of email and just say things like that not not good. Who was i. Oh you know. I was watching major league last night. Had von throws four pitches in his first ever game of the indians and the announcer goes. He said a major record. Four while pitches one. The yankees pitcher did that this year. Like the like. They exaggerated that for the movie and the yankees had a guy who literally did that this year in extra. So that's the situation scott. We talk about my man. It's nice to have like a real pitcher. Just nice to have a real guy who i can. I know get out. He started the year on fire. Obviously we kinda fucked him up by bringing them on the podcast. That's on us We'll try to not have modest honest season. Winds count here but could use bad because he was having a real solid year. And when you think about all the injuries inc have had this year of the rotation and the bullpen. Now akiko live in real life. This could have been a real building for mike. Okay here's been a mainstay in the rotation. He set a goal to begin the year to throw a hundred percent. There were plenty of innings for him to have this year And clark lost yeah but and and especially because kings injury was I think it was a weightlifting action. It right with his finger and he was out like months almost like it was like crazy. Dislocated it just said was a bruce like the way they originally said it definitely like died down so But yeah man. three eight. Three big wins. Monday tuesday wednesday thursday. We've got a five o'clock game against the os. The finish finish the season series. Thank god monty. Monty pitched big favor. I think we're like two. I had a little fishy bought. What fishy vibes tonight. Because i think they're only only biased. Seventy i know. It's jon means but i want to be a little higher tax baseball question. Chris ellis yes so nothing to do. The yankees baseball podcast. You can ask baseball. Tell us good good oils pitcher tomorrow. He's got two. Oh eight year reign twenty avonex so every peons it's oh totti's by five thousand Great cost twelve hundred. So okay here me up. I understand why otani is why he's minus five thousand. He does both. We'd never seen it right. And he's hit forty home runs. Guerrero is if he wins the triple crowd and the blue jays make the playoffs. He's the mvp. Mary where is he and triple crown standings right now. Obviously he's leading at home runs. We know that he's looking today. Like he's seven points behind. Mlb average he's tied for the lead in a l. average so he's one homer up on shohei he's got rbi's by no oh he doesn't even have to he's got rbi rbm much. Like i thought organized by a lot. What am i looking at here. Though am i learned the wrong stats. 'cause this says salvador press has one hundred ten and body has one zero three now. He has one fifteen blahdy or really bad stance on this spot. It'll be dot com. Oh shit i'm on on espn. it also says it's got one zero three show. Yeah what's tj lavar night baseball. Hey guys got one over. I ever saw one. Where are you seeing one fifteen. I don't know. I thought i saw alexander salva press having a hundred ten or the catcher is preposterous. He's he's behind jose Via and he's tied with diverse. Yes and anti-skirt his as one hundred three or two hundred fourteen run score. Tommy that's not our yup yup. That was the number well. Well look at fucking fucking fan. Graphs goes list games. Played appearances home. Runs then runs than rbi's should always next the home runs you look at people stats from two thousand eighteen states. This year your awful of stats. I am. I mean. I i was like it was one of those when you know you're right but everyone's saying you're wrong and you're like oh i'm wrong. Staring at the i mean i think graphs graphs more wrong than baker. You don't put runs to the right of all home. I would shoot always be me far less. Yes and hits should be next to it. And yeah you're right home runs and rbi's should be group and triple should be left home runs. Well along. i think of old baseball cards. I would go games at bats. Obviously those are the for searcher games at bats. Hits runs doubles triples. Home runs are be is stolen. Bases walked strikeout average. Yeah sure yeah but back to my view saying i don't give a fuck about about the order of what the tax but hypothetically if he did win the triple crown and they made the playoffs isn't he the mvp. I i would agree with you. That's the definition i understand. Don't like when people are gonna say this. Like i understand what town is doing is outrageous. We'd never seen it. He's also setting a precedent for himself that he needs to do all the time and like yeah he has forty. What forty home runs. Whatever but he's batting what to sixty. The angels are nowhere near the playoffs again. I understand how good he is and understand. We'd never seen it but what guerrero's have no you absolutely have a point and there. I'm very interested to see. I know what the odds say but He got shelled by the way. Shohei five years ago. Six runs and three and a third jumping over three now. I think it's be really interesting. Voters are always crazy like they just won't vote for yankees. So i could see a voter thinking like you marty and honestly that i know like one guy can't carry a team to.

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