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Walks into the disaster. The first half one Rams they had threaded thirty five point fit toy the left sideline. Now. With a third down such down side goof per. Every time the line. He's got it. We're tied. Please drops back. Throws down. The slot Mike. was texting. Saturday to yards. Celebrate did hit it outweigh the ranch. I lost two thousand eighteen. And there you go the Rams insane. So we the fourth playoff matchup between team to average thirty points per game in the regular season. The first since the two thousand fifteen NFC championship game drew Brees celebrated his fortieth birthday yesterday. He joins Tom Brady Brett Farr as the only forty year old quarterbacks to start a playoff game in the Super Bowl era and the ram set a franchise postseason record with two hundred seventy three rushing yards against the Cowboys with Todd Gurley and C J Anderson going for over one hundred yards in that game. Without we'll say Hello to our Rams reporter Lindsey theory and Lindsey the Rams never really broke from that one game at a time and tally the season. But now just one game away from a trip to the Super Bowl. What's going on there as we speak? Hey, wendy. Well, you always think it's a sunny here in California. I can tell you right now there is a little bit of a sprinkle coming down in LA. And because of that practice plans this week have changed the Rams have erected a large tent over there parking lot. That is where they're going to hold to walk through today to stay off of their soggy field that is covered in tarps, but they wanna keep that field intact. So they can hopefully practice there tomorrow if they cannot if it is raining too hard. They also will practice under that ten but Wendy, no rain around. Here is going to put any damper on the Rams at confidence coming off their first playoff win in seventeen seasons. I spoke with left guard Roger Stafford who is very much acknowledged that they are one win away from a Super Bowl. He sent their confidence is very high coming off that one win because that is just something this organization hasn't been able to accomplish out Sean McVeigh, he usually keeps it to one game at a time. But even he acknowledged that this is what you play for you play to be one win away from the chance. A Super Bowl, Wendy. And really there's no reason they shouldn't be coveted especially without running game. C J Anderson has become almost an overnight sensation in L A after what he did against the Cowboys. What's the difference with with him on the on the roster? When did he really has everywhere you look LA TV Ellie radio. It's all about C J Anderson right now. And really it goes back to his story. Remember he was on the couch in mid December before the Rams needed a backup running back in signed him. And then he came in. He put together two consecutive games rushing for more than one hundred yards and then in his first game with Todd Gurley. They provided that one two punch and a great complement to each other C, J Anderson told me that him in girly really fed off each other through the last month. Even though girly wasn't on the field. Girly did take on a role talking to Anderson about how they could play together. And I don't think anybody around the Rams facility could have predicted that it would have gone as well as it has Wendy. No question about that..

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