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Don't listen in order. I, I'm very agile this all the time I during coronavirus during quarantine, I listened to all Conan O'Brien completely out of order. Out of order and I thought it was passing because I would just press the button and you could I could start to tell where they were in their run. How their voices sounded stuff and I'm just just to get there that way with you. You've a little Bob. A little blonde cut like you did back in the day. I cut it my solved with some kitchen scissors. This is this is the quarantine cut you should see my kids. Wow, all right here cuts right now. You know where? Her. Long piece and I by no means trying to make any sort of political statements. They're all blond and they have like Dave I was like wish. Maybe it's not to this for. Your haircut. I get it all act Super Nazi. ruined. Hair Bowen. That's not a great look for them. Especially since I'm like airing on the side of radicalizing them, he feel about all this. The black lives matter and the and the looting, and we think of all the violence is kind of thing that everybody says will. The violence isn't good I wish they weren't breaking into stores and stuff. Like what are they gonna do with Supreme Shoes that I said. What would you do is supreme shoes. At one kid said well, I have supreme. She's and I was like imagine if you could never have supreme shoes Megan at work. You don't have it in so I kind of like sometimes smashing a window is your alternate expression of outrage against all the consumerism that is is being pushed in your face so much the radicalizing your children and I said. I have to talk to be able to talk me 'cause I feel like publicly. You can't talk about. Right now you can't roll, you look like. You're like trying to be some horribly obnoxious, White Savior, or you're oversimplifying I just try to. Shut up and keep it home. I saw somebody posted something to something on instagram. Don't be afraid to say something wrong. Don't be afraid and I was like that's not maybe the best message because we live in this system now. The social media system that is just rife with. Misinformation and it's become. It's drawing these tribal faultlines sometimes lines. That shouldn't be drawn. Using information that is not factual so I thought that was a really strange thing to say, and it's and it's the reason I agree with you I'm afraid to say too much because I also don't want to. I want to be critical of what I'm absorbing I want to take some time in digest it. I also don't want to upset any group unless it's a group of Astles, all upset races I stay off social media in general but I hear people going. You can't be silent. You have to say something if you have a voice of use, it and I think. What is the responsible way to do that? Because I am a white privileged woman. What am I supposed to say? That is not going to be offensive or speak four somebody. Take their voice away and at the same time. I don't WanNa dislike order Gucci Online and close the door like I'm could the last person you want to hear from celebrity. I would think you know. What is the rock think of this? What is? Bette, Midler, think about this like I that that's not the point, but I think the point of these protests that you're hearing from the people who do matter when it comes to that. You're hearing from the people and that's that's really encouraging. Where are you right now? You wouldn't. Country I'm I'm I'm in Ghana. A. Yes. I'm making. I tried to think of that movie. What was that what we did with you with Tim Allen Show Somebody Joe Somebody. Yes, I was going to make a Joe, somebody. Tim Allen at his galaxy quest. Pinnacle I loved him by he would vote the worst Nafta Alexey quest was after. Yeah, this is awful, but I was watched galaxy quest, and I said you know I. I know that guy worked together on Ed. My kids know about Ed. They've never seen it and really watch anything then they don't watch modern family. Danehill literally on my older son has to watch modern family. It's on, not if you're only thing you watch youtube or the office and you know what their takeaway was from. Galaxy Quest Rang Wilson. Oh My. God Yeah Really. It's great. It's one of the. Right that's that's what you see. That's so funny. On TV show for eleven years. That's really funny. But what do they know that you went to work all the time? They knew that you were doing probably why they came with me to work, and they were there for the final shooting day and. Whether there a million times I've heard. Other people say this who have kidnapped careers in an kids just want you to be their parent. So that's all. Day, Yulia Thompson said her kids haven't seen back. Maybe they saw the first back the future, but they haven't seen the sequels. Zoe. Doria. Zine back to live. Like a half mile walk up to are going knock. Really Yeah I'd of big FAT DCR right under. So incredulous, but we so they did this thing I wonder if that's partly why they don't want to sit and watch it like. They know that this thing took some of your time. When they were little and the show is a big deal and every time we go anywhere, they would someone above above modern family. And they were. monoploy monitor. And then they got older. I think that that's just the way to push back when you're with me, you're my mom. What? They would come to set. And they know just how boring it is. You know data deck bill, no illusions of Glamour of the whole thing because God forbid any of them become an actor. I love when I see Oh God. Would you think there's any chance? Well, my oldest Oliver is. Funny as hell, and he's so smart and he's not great school. He's not a traditionally good student. He's like the most outside the box thinker. I've ever met like. He has no idea. There is a box you're you. Ask him what to to is in. He's like more interesting questions. Would you do if you made that orange? What what? What. What was that? He could be a writer actor in tomorrow if you wanted to be, but don't you? Don't you think you could've been? What were you? That kind of kid were you more studious? I was super studious. You went to a really good school you into Brown I went to Brown, and then before that went to boarding school St Georgia's. In Rhode, island and that was. I was really a super nerdy. And studied really really hard and didn't think secretly. I want to be an actor, but I wasn't gonNA. Tell anyway up. Act In school, did you? Did you do plays yeah? I did plays in high school, and then in college I was really intimidated by all the Brown people. That is A. Bloomberg, who no, no, no, no, I'm sorry nowhere to faster No. Josh Hamilton Josh their. Own Adam. Hamilton. Ingo though because he was offering. Play your. Thought Josh because he did kicking and screaming. It's funny. I I think I. Remember Josh that. Lily's GonNa hate this that you had a crush on him and he was such. Terrible crash was awful isn't elitist white? Oh! Elise, Kelly. Yeah lillies the Pez. I don't think she made this one. Family thinks I'm silly. You know he was saying, does she? Every time every time you had a crush on somebody. I remember thinking. Why wouldn't they just Mary? You come not easy. Josh Hamilton. I couldn't speak around at Brown, I want them to like me. 'cause I was like a girl or like I had a question of I..

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