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In than that was it that would have been and what happen braided necessary make him a state now mistake came right the on the patriots often whoever got to stop first centrally was going to win that game and the patriots defense could not get a stop they had interception again was off the tip while the hit the receiver in the hands threat but i was waiting for that mistake to happen and going into this season knowing that i'm sorry this brady window i have no idea how many good years are gonna get out as guy once played always 45 fine but i'm confident that this season will be good for tom brady we the mvp again maybe not but this is a brady year that you want to take advantage of got to be one of the best quarterbacks and football you've got this opportunity if you go in without making significant upgrades to this defense they may be topfive in points again but you're going to go into the post season hoping that either brady carries you that they work or the other team vomits on itself that may also work but there is a chance we see that multiple times in the postseason including this past year neither of those things happen in that defence turns into a fatal flaw and another factor in there as and i totally agree that part of their theory is to get better as the year goes on defensively add more do more billed as the year goes on i would like the entire team to get better as the year i agree but can you do that as well with brian florez as your first year play caller defence losing were enter saretta i mean map patricia played a key role with this team the players loved him in a he he evolve into a guy like romeo cornell where he was sort of the gobetween between ballot check in the players they emotionally they liked him there was an attachment personally and i think floors will probably be similar i think a lot of guys love him but it doesn't mean it's going to work as well with him doing that job that role for the first time you need more personnel you you flat out if you look luke that this team they couldn't piece together guys on the edge of the.

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