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I go back to something that's different that Bella checks called out Brady Pete Carroll and defensive players have called out. Russell Wilson gruden's called out Derek Carr. The Carolina Panthers called out Cam Newton about two years ago. Is that there's nobody really there's no owner in Green Bay so far of and Rogers sort of become a defacto owner that they make so much money in their all powerful. I do think the lack of ownership is a weird situation in Green Bay. That it almost puts too much power. Not just an Aaron. But in farve, I could be fishing here. But I really believe this you played with farve. Ann Rogers is the no owner thing is it different than when you went to Miami. And when you played in Minnesota, it could it be kind of problematic for iconic legendary quarterbacks they have too much power. It is definitely a difference. It is definitely a difference. When you have a a small town who feels like they have ownership that they have saved their voices are going to be the ones that are heard. It's it weighs on an organization because now they don't wanna make that hard decision where it's on them. It's on every it's reflective of everyone in when you look at teams that I went to even here in Minneapolis with the Vikings the having the Wilkes everyone needs to be able to have that owner to where. They it separate from everything else. Like the owner has the final say in Green Bay Packers. They don't have that in. It hurts them at times. It's a unique situation. I don't think any in at any point they ever changed that won't ever change. But I just that is definitely a great point that you make enough. I hear you say it often and initially I never really saw your way. I definitely am starting to side with you on that. Yeah. I mean, I think I think anytime I hear employees own the company, I'm always like well, who's the boss because that that's the difference between boxing and UFC boxing. Didn't have a centralized leader UFC had Dana white. And so that's how they caught up. Would you have a centralized polarizing or not you find organizations college football does never centralize leader? You may get mad at Roger Goodell, but the buck stops with Roger Goodell, and I do think it affects the Green Bay Packers. Greg Jennings late notice came in today. Greg we always appreciate it. Thank you. Absolutely, thanks. You bet. Now. I mean, listen, I covered boxing on a college for years joy, the problem with boxing. It was run by promoters, and they all serve their self interests. You f c Dana white was serving the interests of the family. It's like a central. It's why I never bought into bitcoin. There's no centralized Bank that says bitcoins legitimate currency. I'm out you've got to have strong leadership who leads the Packers. Well, it's owned by the community. So the mailman is making the calls the UPS driver who's making the calls. I like strong owners. I never by. This company is owned by the employee's. I don't want. I don't I don't want to be making the I wanna do my radio show. I don't wanna own FOX. It's too big. It's lunches, it's meetings. I'm not interested at all. I wanna put my Aaron Rodgers mustache on laugh. A little go home and play with my dog coming up next something that hasn't happened in the NFL in nearly a decade. It is about I think to change best for last coming up next. Great Davin cold and flu season. Try vixen. X nasal spray. Congestion works out the twelve hours use as directed. So we're getting ready for the playoffs right now. In a lot of sports. You don't consider a wildcard team capable joy of like, you know, winning. The World Series or the Super Bowl. But here's what's interesting since nineteen eighty six wildcard teams have won the Super Bowl. In fact, since two thousand four wildcard teams have won the Super Bowl. So right now two teams round of the playoffs raiders Niners bad year for the bay area. But if you take out the eight division leaders there are twenty two teams right now with a shot at a wild card, and I believe to have a chance to win the Super Bowl..

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