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On here. Live about the just brian lauritz. Who's been a part of our series as well Right colour wrong culture in hal. You've expounded on that to me. That i thought was very insightful. That helps us really think about as we press in in an pursue unity as the church but that really does look yes One example. For me i came into a church. You know i was at that time. The the second Black or african american pastor to be on staff i was leading their ministry particularly the high school ministry. And if you read a brian's book he has like these different categories of people he compares them to people that we would recognize like who are. You know You know in the media or in movies or tv shows and so he describes how like There's a carlton right. The carlton from fresh prince from layer ability in in how carlton has a certain role. Way in. i would say that. When i came to the church right i think people were expecting me to be carlton win in actuality. I'm more biden zale right and i think the tension though is there's a sense in which you know call in for some people is easier right like there's not really a shift in culture. He identifies as african american but cultural Identifies with middle class. Kind of white society denzel. Only on the hand identifies very differently right. And so i come in as denzel and i'm having to try to figure out like who they want to. They want to. They want me right. And i think part of the challenge of of understanding walking through this as a was there a church or a business or organization is the tension in that moment is sometimes like we put carlton against dinsdale right. You know 'cause carlton is easier for me. I'm gonna identify here and so then zales bat or vice versa. Right where someone says will sell out so we need more details when the reality is you actually need both and everywhere in between right like carlton plays a role. That's vitally important right. He he shattered. Stereotypes helps some people. Feel safer to get the conversation going on and and and Denzel on the other hand plays a different role rights. It's kind of like what we do with malcolm. Are martin sometimes an unfair when you really know Both of their stories. Because malcolm becomes more like martin at the end of his life and martin becomes more like malcolm is actually why they both were were assassinated ride because they were becoming something that could be put in a box anymore..

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