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Theater orchestra December 16th through 23rd at the heights in performing arts center manassas ballet dot org I'm Joe koma WTP traffic Now the storm team four meteorologist Briana burman advisory now in effect as we could see gusts up to 55 mph today across the DMV We'll see high temperatures today in the 60s and 70s or feeling those right now and then becoming cold as a cold front passes through bringing thunderstorms and those wind chances for this evening Calming down overnight we'll see sunshine return and much cooler conditions for your Sunday high temperatures in the low 50s overnight Sunday Night 20s It's going to be cold and we'll see sunshine for Monday and Tuesday with highs in the 50s I'm storm team four meteorologists Solo Right now a long line of showers their activity is stretching essentially right now It's over responsibly and you county then stretches up 95 through Prince William and parts of Prince William of course county And then also the up through the beltway almost anacostia area Charles county seeing some of this as well also Calvert county as his moves through and parts of an arundel county as well It's a long a very narrow line of showers but it is packing some rainfall and possibly some lightning in parts right now taking a look at the temperature 69° enticing 69 Croft ten and 69 in la fon Plaza and D.C. at four 31 This is W TOP Your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go Never this a moment and a good afternoon to you I'm Mike Murillo Anika velas our producer coming up and emergency declaration from The White House as the search continues for victims of last night's deadly tornadoes in the Midwest were also hearing from the president this hour on what happened A group of D.C. teams produced a town hall with local leaders discussing important issues on Melissa Howell A boost toward this county's justice reform goals sunil Augustine News time is four 32 CBS News special report to devastating tornado ripped through Kentucky overnight President Biden is addressing the nation right now about the tragedy The federal government will do everything Everything it can possibly do to help Governor Andy beshear Everywhere along the line of this tornado that touched down and stayed down for 227 miles over 200 in Kentucky has been severely and significantly impacted At least 70 people were killed in the state This will be I believe the deadliest tornado system to ever run through Kentucky Severe storms tore through 5 other states CBS's Stacy Lynn reports That's unusual is the length of the damp region and how many cities that it touched Arkansas governor asa Hutchinson Probably the most remarkable thing is that there's not a greater loss of life Two people were killed in Manet Arkansas CBS News special report on Wendy Gillette And we're hearing of damage in Tennessee as well from tornadoes there Angie dial lives in Samberg Tennessee and she says you can't believe what happened I never imagined in a million years that when we pulled into town tonight that it would be this that the town would be pretty much gone Stay tuned to P and P dot com for the latest on the aftermath of the storms and the search for survivors It is four 33 Don't expect a white Christmas this year forecasters at the national weather service a lower 48 states could have the warmest December on record with some spots seeing temperatures 20 to 40° above average The cause is a major jet stream pattern shift in the west which could bring much needed rain and mountain snows out there but east of it which is east of the rockies we could see a record strong ridge of high pressure setup that ridge would be responsible for a record warmth but it's in keeping with trends.

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