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The call thanks for checking in paul from connecticut up on the fan eight ball jody with the mets everybody's obviously you know telling everybody to trade syndergaard or the graham and i think they just need to hang tight with this you know farm system that they have and you know and the whole thing like of seth lugo switching over to a you know a starting pitcher i think he just needs to keep everything the way it is and you know obviously when people start coming back from being hurt or you know like separatist and frasier and you know conforto starts you know hitting again i think i think it also fall into place but you know everybody's in a panic mode and you know i think that's the one thing that the mets have done over the years they always fall into this panic mode and then you know obviously the fans go crazy but i think you know what do you think the season is one hundred sixty two games long so they've got one hundred sixteen games to go there three games out of first place right now three so they could make that up before the weekend is over everything went right and it could be back in first place so to talk about trading jacob degrom now is too far to a bit you can't do that the marchers in this now the mets lose sixteen of their next twenty and their eight game nine game ten games out and you're down to only seventy something to play well then that's a different conversation keep your mind open to both possibility maybe the metal buyer maybe the graham's going great and syndergaards and cesspits comes back and he's healthy and he gets on one of those runs like you did the year to match went to the world series and starts hitting with power that we didn't expect they it's two runs in one game and everything starts clicking maybe the mets actually get aggressive and go out and acquire talent album this year we don't it's too early in the the season for a trade no.

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