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The fourday wbz accuweather forecast high pressure in control for the next few days that means plenty of sunshine this afternoon high temperatures in the mid '80s with seabreezes along the coast patchy fog overnight mostly clear and 65 pop up showered chance for tuesday ultimo the day will see dry mostly sunny and '86 partly cloudy on wednesday with more humidity pop of storms once again in ninety degrees isolated storms on thursday partly cloudy 84 in for the weekend scattered rain saturday three eighty on sunday and sunny i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 75 degrees mostly sunny and boston at twelve thirty five tonight on cbs we will open your office across japan of scientists are trying to be robust life and you will question reality i can see her breathing is the future of life obviously no with to water that him what are they better robot revolution just some of the extraordinarily reporting on an all new program from cbs news don't miss the him on his side tonight ten night central only cbs sleep peacefully eurostar national league record hitting streak at forty four this media 90s of chicago white sox suited up at shorts this week ninety 76 1979 pete rose glitches records she thousand four hundred twenty seven and i'll be flare sociation station midseason baseball strike this reuniting eighty steinbrenner was four resign is the principal partner of the yankees this week 1909 cbs this fall to find his daughter's killer is a one year anniversary of my daughter buechler one man the revolutionary new technology can submit evidence realtime proud source tribe solving that will change the world the cops you know what you so much golden globe winner jeremy and richard changeovers i know what to work wisdom of the crowder coming to see us this fall ars lastly romantic friend pops up somewhere unexpected doris you need someone who this week all listen to others opinion structure jim big project at work may are some attention ira answered this week may bring some friction in on this week neighboring some friction at work or something you have no power over ten virgoe reserve sometime this week think of education does the nation to do some exploring shots are coming up soon the verdict is tuesday's new hit drama is comes the he's huddled it's not enough to tell the truth yet to tell the truth facsimile piece.

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