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Inauguration week. It's in response to last week's riot at the Capitol. The decision made following a request from DC's mayor and the governors of Maryland and Virginia. For visitors to stay clear of the D. C area for next week's inauguration. Guests and hosts affected by the cancelation will receive refunds and reimbursements. Georgetown University is investigating how many students may have been at the scene of the riot. Last week. It's student newspaper, The Hoya reports. At least one student was there but didn't enter the Capitol building. Members of the Georgetown Student Association are urging school leaders to investigate further and determine if anyone involved with the campus community violated any laws. A university spokesman says they're looking into it. After watching the D C police officer get injured during the attack on the Capitol. Ah young girl in Montana wanted to do something to help Jonah Jablonski had television coverage of the attack on the U. S Capitol on you in the background at her home in Billings, Montana. When her 10 year old daughter Emma, suddenly stopped to watch. He immediately started to cry. The video that caught her attention was footage of a D C police officer being injured, and I said she wanted to write him a letter. He that I want to let him know that I care. John every shot on two. Twitter to see if she could get the officer's name to send him the letter and got in touch with D. C. Police. Her post went viral. Emma was even able to talk with Officer Daniel Hodges on a video call. We just appreciate that officer already going through what he did and being able to reach out gallery bonked w T o p news. Tic TAC is tightening privacy practices for the under 18 crowd, a month after federal regulators ordered it to disclose how its practices affect Children, starting now default privacy settings for accounts with users age 13 to 15 will be private. That means only someone the usual approves as a follower confuse their videos. But teens can still change the setting to public if they want for user's age, 16 and 17 the default setting Tau let people download the videos they created will now be off. Tic Tac is also blocking user's ability to download videos created by those 15 or younger. This age group will also see direct messaging restricted and won't be able to host live streams. I'm Julie Walker,.

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