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I'll be happy to guy give you a hand but i'm hidden at the town in a in a diet too lord i him sam nah got a cafe him of wanted somebody had given on a place did it on a date for a die two mouse yeah i be be the christian thing to do sam harry match he's gonna have a north creek station your argument hand for a couple of days could do that you and your wife say this movie as two trump cards neither of which savory much one is australia on the other one is hamilton moss as sam sam yeah i mean not hold mostly lefty fantastic just brilliant and yet it's the way show is like fantastic we will having this conversation too early i was really sad to be watching this at home i wish had seen on a big screen i think it would really benefit firm seeing it uh and australia my grand parts you ought to now a springs in the fifty where this is where this is sat anam my uncle now lives in australia and in britain is maybe not something were as aware of the treatment of aboriginal australians but it's pretty poorly even today and this film radi shines a light on not an is absolutely brutal it's really harrowing watch but it's completely unnecessary is a very like sensitive and get time we movie this is still.

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