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He went to heaven. He told he literally got no would not send me back. So my dow what you saw grandma graham way. He so me. Odd time. I try to take you on you. You wanna come back factor current. What's when eighty or ninety. I think i wanna say like seventy four seventy or something. I don't know seven. He spent damn. That's a minute bro. That's like oh seven. Way though. I'm right number brunei. If i'm dying age and my wife like my wife pass i'm gonna have to one hundred percent on some notebook share some. I'm not staying here. You got me fucked up. Fleetwood would soccer no but you have. Grandkids fucked them. But please if you are a. There's nothing lost. I can't be found so if you feel like yo you lost that part of the part of days left. I stupid shit like i still laugh at fort jokes. I don't care. I still make for jobs. you've me and is not because of the home just shurmur keep up with the un crowded notch on so not channels myself or i'm not trying to even be late. This core of who we are and potter days is kidding us. it gives. That's why we that's why that's why we fucking love enemy. I love enemy of cartoons. Thank you for bringing. Add up or to talk about witcher. Yea i feel like more like netflix and other platforms. They starting to cater to adult Animations like because for us like remember. I know you can see invincible fire invincible. What's another tv m. A. animated as fire What's another tma was beast be. Stars was emmy tv. Yes thanks okay. Be star neftochim netflix. Or whatever you can think of netflix. Mix of v star. No invincible now did you. Not a marriage is info. Brushfire stuck his hand through the man heart took to and the isn't it. Oh yeah. I feel like it's catering to our generation millennials and shit like bro. We load like that's what would what would you consider. Love death robot. Would you consider tv. I can tell you offer. No no would you not not not even. Would you consider enemy because there's so. Many solid animation is various forms of animation. From dd to you know tutti but actually it fired to buy my ak tarantulas. Because like yo. I feel like i thought at one point and You know action figures was like dead. That's a whole library like on my little talk. Algorithm people be buying juju. Kyw's in animation big props input in a room or harto and not. Actually i'm like yo don't want one just like niggers had to gundem's your i'm i love gundem's i'm not gonna say you're a big fan. I watch gundem's easy. You know what i'm gonna do. When when when. I do whatever's going to fund i'm real life Not proper real life Items of from shows. Fuck like like bleach i want. I want that soared. Oh yeah they're probably already got already got. But that's what i'm saying. I went like that damn just like an. it's like. Yeah like a slice nigger house as she thought about that too. Having people say yoga now with have you all my guy bro. What many swinging that. I'd hate to see punch dash. But that's why i brought up like which are not yoy khanna's though brought up a childhood. I was like oh that she was fine. It was crazy. I'm talking about. Don't killing kids cheese killing kit social date they say fuck it. But that's real life though of course. Of course i i. I feel like got him. What's it called the shit everybody was on. Hbo not loaded rings guard. All by got game of thrones dash broke out a yoga killing kids. They doing diz. Jody was live bra. I never even finished. I only got probably season ryan even finished the first three episodes only yelling got it. Don't matter but i i'm saying artist because it's like you'll in a weird way. Those animated shows subject in geodesy on my dishes. I look forward to look at watching them now. Like and some of them. None not even allow got lack of messages. You've always like a message that could be related to now like ariza. Yo trying to maintain dad childhood and curiosity just to try things and do things is like at all time low. And i feel i yo- these grown ass. Fuck is just i- preying on our situation. Way just like y'all anxieties at a high right. I ain't trying to be in that state of mind. And i'm not trying to be a money. Grab nobody to pop pills. Or do some tai bo bullshit therapy. That's not really going to help me like i want. Real therapy will real people. There's people who lily preying on us. Like i'm ended but like the whole would album preach episodes where they had like. You know dudes who. I don't know how to talk to girls. But i like i like vagina but i hate women ought acts crazy nonsense bro. You need to talk to yourself and really take some time off in contemplate about why you feel the way that we feel we never questioned. Why why we feel the way we feel what we always like to express how we're feeling but never questioned why that's as true It doesn't have to be some crazy drastic. Hey usually take a route one certain route to go to a place by that walgreens public's where you going to the different. Hey do you usually drive to go to up. Your favorite food is your favorite spot. But it's two minutes away driving. Walk or take a skateboard or or for bible rollerblade tyler. The creator's rises bite. Miles might new olympic bike riding a bmx bike. What bro why. Not gonna tell me not to be a kid roy. Way explorer and enjoy myself. I'm not going to do drugs to to read that same when i could do. Have hirees skateboard electric's keyboards allergic bikes Regular bike run. You know how long we've been trying to get an electric skateboard hurts. I that's what i want. I literally want some gadgets. I'm gadget type of dude. Any only in cost that much for me asia's a costs a lot. Innocence of the amount of time it takes for me to enjoy. 'cause i got a whole bunch of the knicks got to deal with with 'em over our what you got out of the blue the overall as if you lost it it could be found if you hold onto it Please keep holding onto it if you have difficulty.

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