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As we wait for hurricane matthew tonight we have a few isolated passing shot was tomorrow as well if you isolated showers and the wins pickup especially afternoon tomorrow evening hurricane to tropical score force wins the strongest wins east near the coast line and then for friday to win tuesday of all with hurricane matthew very close potentially making landfall near profar county as a category for this is up major storm wins will potentially be above one hundred miles per hour at our coast and will get the potential for eighty miles per hour wins in orlando and if that forecast track changes those wins could change so we'll let you know every step of the way on channel night i meteorologist worthwhile denver the ducks security tripled to thriving together hyper westbound delays room for thirty forty four thirty six were crashed launch the right lane and then delays again on the westbound side for banks to princeton nash blocks two right lanes the support of service of on bound we'll go to where we are through hard work at a little help open a world of opportunity for child he made him a better tomorrow i don't bet on dot org triple team traffic on brito grandson news ninety six five wta below he's ninety six fine wta's wade here with us on the clerk how worried show worried about you learning the way he's played more and spent last we don't let anyone ever he was on the way up clark dot com when you have a question clark dot com slash just second we talked about doing the right thing i'm also going to talk about.

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