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How comfortable are you now as you've gone along your career here, Texas? Well, one of the things that it affects us, you guys know is your ability to build and sustain culture. Because obviously your best players are your biggest coach drivers. And you know, if those guys are only around for a year then. You obviously have to make strides with everyone else and kind of put someone else in that slot, obviously recruiting you have to do a really good job. Making sure talent wise you have a replacement there. And that's not always one guy replacing one guy. Sometimes you do it by committee. But we feel good about this year's team having a little bit more experience. And we've had the last couple of years, and we don't have a freshman big that is necessarily best player. Like, we did the last two years that presents some challenges. I'm not saying I wouldn't take. Now. And again, I certainly, but. When when your best player is a really really young kid. Just getting started in college basketball. No matter how talented he is. There's a learning curve, and there's certain things that he doesn't yet understand particularly in the first couple months of the season. You do have some interesting. But you know, you've got a guy going hausky who now he's a fifth year senior obviously transfer played last year. But he's transformed in self forget about that the do and cutting off the hair, but the dudes lost like thirty pounds. And I watch a tape of your game. Do you have the night? He looks totally different. What is it like to have a guy like that back who kind of in it with you? You spent so much time with them the area sat out kind of creating a special relationship with them, but seem transform his body and make that commitment to try to get that much better. Terrific jobs is body. It's interesting because most of these guys you guys know it at the cows level, you're trying to get in the eat as much as possible and gain as much weight as possible. But he he's on a different plan and for him. He's done a phenomenal job being very selective with his diet and his nutrition. He's done a great job getting extra cardio working with our strength and conditioning coaches, and then on the court he really been diligent about different aspects of his game. So I really hope that this year could be a great one for him because he's earned that he's worked hard for it. And it really really wants to make your special here. He said, you don't know this but Shaq had a player touchdown last colts game. Oily Cox went up. Yeah. Did you see that fire too? That was a sick cat. Got quite well, let me tell you guys when he came in. He had the lowest motor, and we put him on this plan where where he had to run. What was called the puck deck mile. It was running up and down a parking deck and then down to the end of the street and back. It was it was about a mile, and he as I was running over eight minutes. He was motor was really really bad. And it worked at that. Kids. Put in changing his motor and changing the way that he approached the game with phenomenal. So it couldn't happen to a better guy. Hey, let me just follow up. Did he talk to you about going trying to play football or how did come about? You have any idea. Here's what happened. And if you ever you should have on your show because he's a great basketball guy talked to on obviously, he's having successive football. But this is the type of kid he is he's such a go with the flow guy that when he was a sophomore in high school. He was kind of in a tough homelife situation, and is a coach recommended that that he transferred to a private school to get away. And so he did that you only problem was that private school didn't have a football team. So he did not play football is junior year and senior year, and this is after being a high major recruit as a young kid in high school, obviously came to you for five years..

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