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Church of saint mary magdalen in eighteen ninety one and more importantly how it made him so rich. Prior to arriving in ren lucia tow so near survived on a measly salary and small donations from the parish renovating the church. He began building extravagant homes and dressing his housekeeper and luxury fashions. Many were certain. This wasn't a coincidence. Which brings us to conspiracy theory number one. Baron j. sewn year found valuable ancient treasures in order round the church as for what that treasure was specifically. Well there are a few different ideas. According to some historians one of the probable scenarios is that. Sonia found his way into the tombs of the gothic kings. The visigoths were a dramatic people that ruled the land near renna chateau in the fifth century. C e more importantly they reportedly had an unusual way of burying their nobility. I they dammed and diverted a river. Then they dug underneath the riverbed and laid their kings to rest in watertight tombs. Most of all these monarchs were dressed in buried with priceless jewels. After the burial the dams were removed and the river resumed. Its natural course. It was impossible to access the tomb unless someone could divert the flow of the river once again. Although there was one other way someone could have discovered a tunnel leading to the tomb from another location in the bug. Mysteries of templer treasure and the holy grail authors lionel and patricia fan. Thorpe posit that. This may be exactly what happened to baron jay sonia. They suggest that the priests found a tunnel into one if not many visigoths tombs in which case the parchment. He found while renovating the church. Likely had precise instructions on how to access the burial sites. We know that ruins discovered in spain in eighteen. Fifty eight to contain visit. Gothic treasures crowns chalices jewels. Golden crosses so if soon year had discovered a pathway into a visigoths tomb it's likely would have found similar treasures. It's an exciting idea but thirteen hundred years is a long time for a treasure to remain hidden underground. It's also pretty hard to believe that. A priest with no training in archaeology was the one to uncover it. Modern treasure hunters with far more sophisticated. Methods have been searching the area for decades and they haven't been able to get into any visigoths towns. That is if the tombs are even there. That's true we don't have any definitive evidence that any visigoths tombs are located near relentless chateau. So it's possible that years treasures were not from the visigoths.

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