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Joined live now on W w j by Craig Bryson with the road commission for Oakland County. And so far, I know you guys out pretty much gals. Probably all night long. Right. They have they came in about midnight and been hitting. Yeah. I saw him on ninety six and six ninety six six ninety six between two seventy five and the lodge cottages. Dusty snow out there, so far any problems. There's a there's a few roads are a little bit more snow covered. Certainly the the less traveled roads, we haven't focused on yet. So they will be a little bit snow covered. But as you mentioned, we haven't had that much snow so far, but of course, even gusting can can cause a slippery road. So is it salt time or you guys just pushing or what are you spreading at this point? It's it's definitely salt time. We're trying to get a good layer assault down now before the temperatures drop much more as well as leading off. What's there already? And as far as crews. I know yesterday, we talked Craig you said you had one hundred six trucks full contingent. His there hardcore pressure on right now. We're actually right now transitioning we had about half at overnight for midnight. The rest of the drivers have just been called in. So over the next half hour, forty five minutes. We'll we'll see the rest of them coming in to get up to that hundred and six number and as far as what you're expecting. Are you still seeing more snow later today? And maybe that's when things could get dicey for drivers. Right. We're expecting to peak. The heaviest snow to fall around eleven AM. So you know between now and and early afternoon would probably be when it's becomes most challenging. That's what we're anticipating. So we're building up for and planning for all right road commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson. I'm sure we'll talk again throughout this snowstorm. Thanks, Brian preciado, Craig appreciate your time. Thank you. Mike w w j news time is seven oh five. Our news director, rob David accusation, driving in the snow this morning and checking in with us alive. Rob how's the drive? Mike, I'm in lavonia six-mile metal belt Merriman Plymouth road win over the freeway. I ninety six I can tell you the salt trucks are out freeways. You can see the pavement there, they're wet. I think they're slick I can tell you Merriman and metal belt six-mile. You cannot see any any lanes. People are moving around, maybe thirty thirty five miles an hour or so and the big problem that I've seen so far is when you're at a stop light trying to get going. It's all ice underneath the tire. So you just sit there and spend and spend and spend before you can get going seeing a couple of trucks fishtail right in front of me. But so far, so good salt. Trucks are out in welcome to winter. Yeah, it's back or cheer as far as the speech. Have you noticed anything? It was like fifty five sixty when I came in. Yeah. I think I didn't get on the freeway. But I could I could say that's probably about right from what you know, just looking at and seeing some pavement. Although, you know, I think depending on where you're at you're going to run into probably some lanes that are snow covered, and that always causes issues. If you're going along or passing passing someone the main roads, I know the salt trucks are out the main roads, you can see pavement and spots on Plymouth road. But again on Merriman on six mile. It was just no covered. And you know, I think the salt was working they just hadn't cloud yet. I just saw one power go by me.

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