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We have a vat chapter coming up today because robotic cooks are being introduced to the industry now nancy pelosi nancy pelosi made a precious little statement they're coming for dreamers just like they did for the intern japanese during world war two isn't she precious yes is ensure that pretty much blows out any deal the people think she may have made with trump and schumer about building a wall that's that's the latest um the latest conspiracy theory floating around dc that president trump has cut a deal with the democrats on building a wall through this whole dreamer package and some sort of amnesty for them which is aint happening and aint happening other players in this include mitch mcconnell rains note democrat but some days you may as well be um there's a rather cosy bunch abed mates you know it rarely is and i told you yesterday that mayor ed murray up in seattle reside because a victim number five coming forward accusing him of sexual molestation now i don't i don't really know what this means i have no idea what this means but we have since last year we have eleven may be more mayors that have been accused of sexual molestation it thick it it it it it sick are is it the power that's causing this or these peta files going into politics because it's a cover to something in the water it even if the nation why it's not it's nationwide and it's being covered up this is got to be a coverup from the highest levels it it's gotta be it is just no explanation for that many mayors to be accused of the same thing as battleweary ran away really weird what is like a fraternity the mayors the national mayors association and it's like come on behind closed doors us share stories i am a little bit strange grey range yesterday i had a story which turned out to be the big story the day according to your response.

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