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Up westbound I. to the Crosby Lynchburg and that is just starting to cause some delays in the area I'm Michael Scott in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center partly to mostly cloudy heading through this Saturday the high today should hit sixty seven there's some scattered showers will be possible tonight also summers of fog forming below fifty six lot of cloud cover to Sunday the hive seventy seven next round of rain moves in Monday with scattered showers and thunderstorms and high climbing into the upper seventies I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the weather channel fifty eight now in Galveston and will injure at fifty Cheryl and you're at fifty five fifty three at the key to your H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center is ten oh one our top story Houston is one of ten major U. S. so called sanctuary cities where specifically trained board tax customs and border patrol agents are going to be working with ice on immigration arrests from February through may one hundred agents have been assigned in LA San Francisco Detroit New Orleans in other cities including Houston the family of a hit and run victim Ricardo supported is asking the driver who hit his motorcycle on February seventh near I. forty five in west Gulf bank road to come forward the twenty six year old was on his bike sitting at a red light when somebody hit him and then drove away it is time to gas up the car get cameras ready blue bonnets are already making their annual appearance along Texas highways in hill country and read along with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center says it is early thanks to the second warmest winter on record I don't think it'll be as spectacular as it was last year last year was a pretty gang buster kind of here but but it's looking good the long specs Bluebonnet season to be longer this year thanks to the warm wet weather that is being forecast this spring the Chinese government continues to deal with the outbreak of the corona virus walls to responding to accusations that they covered up the real number of cases in the US hundreds of Americans evacuated from China also.

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