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Parade for the World Series champion. The Boston Red Sox. It's going to be on Halloween on Wednesday. Evan and rich has that story. Take it away. Evan. Jeff the celebration will take place beginning at eleven o'clock Wednesday morning and Boston mayor Marty Walsh said today, the Duckbo parade will start at Fenway and ended new Sudbury stream excited as mayor host. My first Red Sox parade. I'm getting used to the patriots parades. And now we have a Red Sox parade. So I'm happy about that. Mayors also urging parade goers to be respectful of the city and property as they celebrate Wednesday. The man accused of the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend is out of the hospital in due in court and arraignment is scheduled to start in about a half hour Robert Bowers is set to appear in a federal court this afternoon in Pittsburgh. He's facing twenty nine federal charges, including murder and hate crimes after police say he shot and killed eleven Jewish worshippers at a synagogue on Saturday. A US attorney easy expected to speak after today's court appearance. Emily row. ABC news Washington up to five thousand active duty US troops will reportedly be deployed to the southern border in an effort to block a migrant caravan. That's heading through Mexico. It's. A significant increase over earlier estimates of roughly one thousand troops. Slow moving caravan now roughly several hundred miles away from the US border. Let's get a check of traffic now with Dave Gordon slow inside the Ted tunnel. Westbound also delayed at the beginning of the Sumner. They're they're during some pothole repairs sorts slow by one a it is busy but moving now in and out of Leverett circle on Storrow drive. You are delayed on twenty four northbound in Brockton. There's a crash before pleasant street. So it's backed up there on free. Northbound just a bit of a delay there at fifty three and Hanover. For some roadwork going on the pike is not bad the upper and lower ends up one twenty eight.

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