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News, John. Thank you. I heard you mention doors. The Browns should be a guest on our program tomorrow about the same time most of the same radio station. That's all we can ask her about this. You'll be here. I refute the charges that she doesn't deserve to be on the ballot. Dorothy brown. Next. Well, five fifteen or so Willie Wilson who received. I believe ten percent of the vote last time around he'll be in studio and just minutes as he heads to channel nine for big mayoral debate. Tonight at seven o'clock. We'll welcome Willie Wilson, Mike number two in just a few minutes, and John Ziegler writes on the media for media Philby here. I know you're gonna find this hard to believe, but the media is more divided than ever in America more divided than ever. John will be here. Two fivethirtyeight right now, you have a chance of winning a thousand dollars in our four K a date contest. Just text the word. Tune to U E N. No, no T U M E to U N E two nine five eight one nine text that now. Yeah. Probably fifteen minutes to pick up a thousand dollars do so safely. Please texted the word. Tune T U N E two nine five eight one nine this is day twenty of the shutdown. Correct. You are correct. But no, national emergency. Not yet. The president's wheels up on his way back to DC after. Spending most of the day down on the Mexican border. He was standing there next to a bearded Ted Cruz, which is even odder look in the clean shaven Ted Cruz, but the president's on his way back he reiterated several times today that he could if he choose to do so declare a national emergency, Mr President, sir. Stare take to Mr President. That's a problem. Hold on a second. Are you? Sure, it's in the correct position. Donald. It's playing in here gentlemen, and I have it on let me just double check my configuration. All right. Fourth time's a charm. That that just birth. That's not a good look for computer. Mr president. Do you, sir? Have the right to declare a national emergency. Oh boy. Oh boy. That frustrates me. Is anybody left here from engineering whatsoever? If Saul send them in here if you could. So the president is now preparing the folks at the White House legal justification for a national emergency. See this is right here. We go stinger one two three boom. Right. Oh, thank you. Tyler. Thank you, sir. Guess what? It was John. What the volume was all the way. Thank you. Thank goodness. Tyler is on the on the job. Once I was complaining to Michael Gray who's been here since he's been here since the barn dance. I said these micro these headphones are not working, Michael they headphones. Michael the headphones are not working and he came in. And he pointed out that I did not plugged them in. So good one. Sorry. I'm starting to drift around the band. No problem. How can blame it on the diabetes the diabetes? Get into me live. We'll do it live others. Right. And we'll do it live. Okay. Could you still have that theme music available chance just.

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