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That if you run a product for example digital watch which very unlikely incredibly generic Eric Black did so watch orange face might be better. But what have this watch and you manage to run kits through advertising sales right you you gave the algorithm of a hint that it should be ranking. You'll products for that. Keyword will quickly in other words when Abaya comes on Thomason in typesetting Search the search results page maybe pay one pays to pastry whatever should show you a product a little bit higher than it. It did lost time on. That is actually for me. The main use of advertising apart from a discovery mechanism keyword research and stuff which is a separate matter but intense. It's a sales mechanism and ranking mechanisms. Right it's kind of both which is good thing and also confusing. It's good good to get sales whilst you will get you brought it ranked because out Chicago's flick but the main benefit for me in most cases of advertising. Is that you Dr Organic sales now. Here's the problem. Let's say in that month period. You drove one. You'll you'll launching a new product. It's a bit of a strange strange Say That saying one one month. He had ten thousand impressions on this keyword. You had one. Thanks one hundred clicks and You made Let's say fifty sales because you haven't fifty percents domestic assignments. It's fifty percent but let's imagine that same period you sold four hundred units via the Kiewit dish to watch but free under the appropriate organic on the one hundred as driven by advertising. Well now how do we account for the organic sales the value of your advertising for Ganic Sales. It certainly isn't acoss. If you think about it clear mindedly the ACOSS. The cost of advertising for the sales Via advocates is what a costs measures. So it doesn't take account of the productivity of your advertising across across all of your sales for that product line and the solution is very simple the metric which you can pull different things some people call it the wheel acoss some people call the actual ACOSS AA calls. I will call the advertising sales ratio because industry standard thing across the bold in any kind of industry. That's about fast moving. Consumer goods are in fact even broader than that so not just an Amazon specific thing which is a good hint. Ride that is actually a normal business metric which is a good plan to us because in the end we have to compare the opportunity of selling Protozoan with other possible uses of time money and effort and focus and that means we can compare like like with a bit more of that because the appetizing to sales ratio takes the total ad spend on a product line in a given period divided by all of the sale. All all of this is not just the ones driven by particular platform so if you spend some money on facebook cats and you spend money on Amazon. You just add up together that advertisements band unless save the thirty appearance Diapers are the lost thirty days and let's add uphold the sales that you got a particular product line say over the last thirty days then appetizing to spend ratio. Joe Is very simple. It's it's old. There has been divided by the sales and that gives you sort of efficiency ratio. How well your advertising is helping to drive sales? And that's a way more valid metric personnel. Wouldn't bundle up together. FACEBOOK and Amazon spent by the way the way I just suggested that probably not helpful metric forget that but just announced by which is bought most most of US focus on most of the time for driving own recitals. FACEBOOK is probably for launch. And that's kind of a separate issue anyway so coming back to this. Why is this helpful number one? It gives you a much broader perspective but still product line specific on how useful your advertising is being. I'm not suggesting that you don't go into the weeds and and look at the Amazon ads. Data Catholic should click through rates on the absolute sales rates To some degree. If you've got a.

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