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Alexa, play eleven ninety K acts on iheartradio. That sounds like a pretty good choice to me eleven x Portland from the Pacific, baths company studio. Now, did you? Good afternoon. I'm Brian Ford. Our top story police are investigating possible bias attacks on February tenth responded to a report of an assault at southeast fifty the Morrison. The person was intoxicated and appeared to a fallen the person initially did not report it as a bias attack. But later filed a report from the hospital since then police have learned of several social media posts about a series of attacks on the TQ community. But no reports of the attacks when filed with police they're asking victims to report those assaults man died after being shot in southeast Portland this morning. Jackie Labrecque says a shooting habit outside of the tick tock restaurant and bar on division street. We know this will happen just before one this morning. We don't know what led up to the violence who is here at the time. If anyone say the man was taken to a hospital where he later died. Police have not released any suspect information or the victim's identity homicide. Detectives are investigating President Trump's addressing the political unrest in. Venezuela says socialism has destroyed that country shortages of food and. Medicine plague the country socialism has so completely ravaged this great country that even the world's largest reserves of oil are no longer enough to keep the lights on president. Trump says military leaders in Venezuela have a clear choice back opposition leader one Guido as a legitimate, president of Venezuela or face consequences. Trump called embattled President Nicolas Maduro Cuban puppet. Clark county's measles. Outbreak now has grown to sixty one cases with eight being confirmed over the weekend. There are three new exposure locations. The Vancouver clinic salmon creek imagine elementary school in Pacific middle school. There are currently no other patients being tested man, accused of driving under the influence lost control of his truck and crashed into the front of a home on Saudis in southeast Portland this morning. Forty year old Oleg Fetisov was arrested. No one in the house was hurt. Four farmers in southern Oregon and northern California. Grow nearly all of North America's Easter lilies. The areas known as Easter lily capital of the world grower. Rob Miller says it's a long three. A year process planting harvesting replanting harvesting replanting process until you get a ball. This large enough to produce the proper flower county and the greenhouse then around mid December those bumps bulbs or put in cold storage for six weeks to make them think it was winter. And that forces them to bloom in time for Easter the four farmers produced between nine and ten million Easter lilies every year tennis legend Martina Navratilova believes transgender athletes. Born a man should not be allowed to compete against women in an op Ed for Britain's the Sunday Times Navratilova says it's insane and cheating. She went on to say that you would not compete against them. Because she says it wouldn't be fair. I'm Bradford NewsRadio eleven ninety K ex celebrating fifteen years of art and community.

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