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A new story from Get Sleepy



Feel it's warmth creates space and ease spreads through your feet up your legs to your waist until you're up to these warm race melt away any discomfort. They continue spreading up your chest and your back moving into the shoulders down the them reaching your hands and fingers now. It spreads Soviet neck in throat. Massaging your vocal cords. Finally the light spreads over your head and face covering every inch of your body. Your whole body heals relaxed and renewed. Now let's turn to. Our story begins in a quiet park in the heart of Tokyo. The morning sun warms your skin as a cool breeze rustles through the trees. Only it's a beautiful spring morning. You take your hat to feel sunlight. Kiss your forehead. Oh cold and Ray. Caresses your face. It's gentle reminder. No matter what happens around here Today his outs hoeing down and enjoying a wonderful spring. A woman. This shy smile approach. I cur your kind. She says as she POWs had slightly for her voice his son and ten with pleasant accent. she's lived in Tokyo her whole life and is looking forward to showing you some Favorite Cherry blossom spots to stop smoking. I gives you a little background on the history of Cherry trees. Sikora as the Japanese. Call the Cherry tree who is a gift of nature that has inspired many generations in Japanese culture? Cherry blossoms are rich lease in Bali who with slow stamps if ally and she talks about the cherry trees brief blooming period which is highly dependent on the weather in Tokyo care. Cherry trees bloom at the end of March or early April B..

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