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Like, you can they throw money into her music videos, in a way that people don't they that was like a standard Britney Spears video back in the day was like everyone would just make videos. Sorry. Like they went out of the way to get the accuracy of like little like, what do you call those like props? Yeah. Like props. We're really, and they she did like some cute things. Like, I don't know if you saw this. But like her legal books in the legally blonde seen we're about stop and frisk besiegers, and like laws, and like I like her I think she's really thought. And I think that you know, I mean, I think it's great like I was, but that's you know, like, I was excited for it to come out. Like, I can't remember the last time it was decided about video dropping. Other earned every as forty three million views. It's been twenty four hours since it's been exactly twenty four hours and forty four minutes since the video came out yesterday is over forty three million views that's at a record or no she liked tore up. And thank you next set a record. And by the way, I don't know if you guys know this by the plan like I have nothing to say about this. I know. But I I will like cut it off after this. I had no idea that this was her first number one single. I didn't know that either. Really isn't that like 'cause you would assume it lying? She's five. So it's been really lately in the music industry has been really hard for women singers to like break break into the charge like that. So like Cardi B's kind of been this amazing. Yeah option, but there's a reason why like last year or the last couple years so many of the Grammy award nominees have been heavily male. And it's it's something weird going on in the culture or something. I think because what's popular right now is like rap rap is a huge right now. And that's like the dominate culture. Like pop is not really having a moment female to be honest Clarice. I just there's not like that many male vocalist. I'm like super super into. EDM and a lot of like beat base stuff like selling. It's like Justin Bieber like where are you now or you know, like shit like that that is what traffic? Yeah. That's what stays at the top for a long time or like big rob songs. But I mean, I just can't believe the shit big song. I love that. I'm shocked that her first single wasn't a number one you to you know, I have noticed though, it is about always about how the record label chooses to lay out a promotion and one thing I've noticed in all of this is that Nikki Monagas record label has fucked her at every turn because she had the same release same time Travis. But then also like she she an aria really good, friends and her video was released. I think dayers could've put saying on. Instead, she put her name on it. Right. Exactly. And so I just like I think that's really like I read a really interesting article about this the other day, and it was from. Kind of. I think it was like via D-Notice cupcake female so cupcake was saying that like it's really hard for the mom sees to like really because record companies typically this is so eroneous. But like, I don't know how even came to this conclusion but record companies typically view females hyper expensive because of quote, unquote, sure makeup wardrobe and every especially in rap lake is always a big presentation. He should but they were seeing that actually a lot of the male rappers when it comes to wardrobe and spending a lot of money. She fend all that stuff. Goes looks expensive. They're very expensive. She was just I think I think the article was just basically saying that you know, it really is a misrepresentation and a misperception that it shouldn't it shouldn't be more expensive to market if you rapper and it or female MC or whatever because males are equally expensive..

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