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Is my show. This is my said telling like you barely know where the bathroom is. and like. I have the utmost respect for him as an actor as a director as everything but like yo. We went at it one day girl. I know about your actresses. I am not an actress. So y'all know how is on onset shows and movies. Would you call into the effort. No no no. I've seen dinsdale movies equalize me. you know what. She chose violence. I don't know why we need to hear this story right but we didn't need to hear it first of all. If you listen to it she was talking to the actor. And i believe that from what i hear from the story. She dinsdale was trying to protect the actor. And say hey. Don't talk to the actor. Like that and dizzy was one hundred percent correct. He had won two oscars by then he had done a bunch movies. He played malcolm matter where the bathroom was on the set type matter. The point is is that he was doing his job as a durell. What was she in her line in the scene or what not in the you. She was getting upset. But listen to ball you watch like that. Because she's married to a black man. Who because i'd never seen no white willing to go off.

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