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Probably keep things at a slower pace anywhere between Greenville Avenue and all the way down to the product I'm Julie Rogers next reported six forty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen we'll see storms approaching our area but I think most of it's going to stay off to the northwest this evening just warm and muggy around here the heat index has been into the upper nineties we will have a better chance of storms so after midnight I think probably from two or three in the morning up until about day break early on Saturday we could see a pretty good chance for some scattered thunderstorms drifting into the area not likely to be severe low of seventy two then cloudy in the morning partly cloudy Saturday afternoon with a high of ninety one on Sunday for father's day partly cloudy ninety two degrees just a twenty percent chance for a few isolated storms on Sunday on the Tennessee weather radar K. or L. D. dot com a big line of showers but again it's well north and west of the metroplex just kind of rolling into wise county at this point some more slender storms just west of fort worth in Parker county ninety three degrees K. R. I. thanks so much for staying with us and even ranking Christian D. as has the day off we live in the Mercedes Benz Plano new center stay connected the KRLD get breaking news alerts on your phone download the radio dot com app tap on the heart and favorite Katie R. L. the hospitals are closed to visitors patients are coping with stress and illness alone but one guy went above and beyond to see his wife face to face for birthday he is this week's payroll the difference maker Jim tally has been with his wife almost his entire life thirty seven year we get it five years on top of that forty two years with the woman I know and.

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