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Attack on Al Shabaab exchanges of fire. I'm Michael Toscano. The US military is now confirming US led forces carried out weekend raids in Somalia against al-shabaab militants. Scott Carr is following developments, the US military Africa. Command confirmed sixty two militants with Africa's. Most activist lawmakers extremist group have been killed Derek six airstrike Saturday and Sunday in Somalia south central bona idea province with the aim of preventing al-shabaab from using remote areas as a safe haven to plan and direct future attacks. The US has no civilians were killed or injured. North Korea is back to threatening the US again warning of a return to quote exchanges of fire and blocking any move to denuclearize correspondent will Ripley checks in from Hong Kong to tell us. The North Koreans are angry over new US sanctions against three top government officials over human rights abuses. The fact that the US continues to add sanctions, you know. In addition to the nuclear program is certainly infuriating to the North Koreans, and it's adding to the. Their perception of an atmosphere of hostility from the United States. There are no public talks currently scheduled on denuclearization. And US intelligence says testing and building continues in North Korea. No break yet. In the standoff between the White House on Capitol Hill on a partial government shutdown this coming Friday night, White House. Senior adviser Stephen Miller says the White House will do whatever is necessary to build a border wall, which is not currently funded. Former Trump lawyer turned government witness Michael Cohen may be called before the house of representatives in January after Democrats takeover more from Boris Sanchez. We may not have heard the last of Michael Cohen Representative Elijah Cummings, the incoming chairman of the house oversight committee has said that he would like to invite Michael Cohen back to Capitol Hill the testify once more Cohen will begin a prison sentence in the spring. He admits lying to congress in a previous appearance. Stock futures are down slightly across the boards. On Wall Street. This hour ahead of the opening bell following Friday. Steep losses. Dow futures off forty four points..

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