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Welcome to our Sunday Night show analyzing all the action from the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix, which unusually for Barcelona was a pretty good race for most of its 66 laps. Max Verstappen led a Red Bull one two ahead of Sergio Pérez, but that headline takeaway barely scratches the surface of the whole event. For a long time, it looked like Ferrari's Charles Leclerc would romp to a simple win, given Verstappen and made rather a poor era on lap 9, caught out by a heavy gust of wind at turn four and he half spun into the gravel, but even before that, leclerc was gapping his title rival. But his ultimately a big disappointment for leclerc and retired from the so far undiagnosed engine problems just before the halfway point. Well, that stage, Verstappen had been frustrated in his comeback by Sterling defense from the very impressive George Russell, with his Mercedes team, looking like it has the pace to at least threaten the frontrunners thanks to its recent upgrades. Verstappen was also very annoyed with his Red Bull team, thanks to further DRS problems thwarting his attempts to pass Russell and allowing Perez to close in. That was after, of course, he had a DS DOS problem that stopped him taking part in the final ones in Q three yesterday. Anyway, that set up a Red Bull team ordered squabble as Perez's request to be allowed to attack Russell fed on deaf ears before Verstappen was switched to a three stop strategy, so he could then show his pacing clear air and not have to worry about making a DRS pass. Such as Verstappen's pace, he had actually cleared Russell when he emerged after his third stop and after that he easily caught up the Perez who had indeed quickly passed the Mercedes out of Verstappen's second stop. Red Bull ordered Perez not to fight Verstappen, which he called unfair before accepting the order and letting his team might buy to score a win that puts Verstappen into the championship league by 6 points over leclerc. Russell completed the podium to score his second trophy in Formula One and as a Mercedes driver, while elsewhere, Carlos Sainz was another spinner in the wind at turn four, where Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen clashed there on lap one with a 7 time world champion then putting in a pretty remarkably good recovery to finish 5th behind sights. That actually might have been fourth having said he's not encountered a reliability drama on both its cars within sight of the finish..

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