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Place in New Mexico have arrested a man who shot an officer during a traffic stop. State police officer sharing during was on patrol two weeks ago when she pulled over a back of a pickup truck. The driver fired several shots as she approached. The man was arrested after a short chase. He was charged with attempt to commit murder, resisting arrest and more during has been treated for her injuries. A memorial service has been held for a firefighter who died in the fire burning in the San Bernardino Mountains. Chief Vicky Christiansen spoke at the memorial at the Rock church in San Bernadino. Yesterday, she says Charles Morton was dedicated to the force Service and the nation as a family member. As a firefighter. As a member of his community. Christensen says Morton was more than an extraordinary fire fighter. He was a great man. Morton died on September 17th. The fire started at a gender reveal party in Yucaipa. That fire in the salmon in San Martino County, near Ukip is now 83% contained. The fire has burned nearly 23,000 acres. The news is sponsored by Benjamin Moore. The fire burning through the Angeles National Forest and Antelope Valley is now 61% contained. The fire has burned more than 114,000 acres. Some locals will find some more mail in their mailbox L. A county started sending out sample ballots to residents for the November 3rd election. Sample ballots contained election in four related to candidates measures and how to safely vote by mail or in person. Voters can access their sample ballot online using the new interactive sample ballot, which allows voters to review their ballots and make their selections online before voting in person. Or information on sample ballots. The interactive sample valid voting by mail, voter registration, the presidential general election, and Mohr is available at L a vote dot net. Bill Seward Ko Phi new President. Trump is expected to pick a replacement for a justice on the Supreme Court. Because of the death of Justice Worth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump will pick a replacement later today. Ironically, I think if you asked Justice Ginsberg should we always just, you know, replace a woman with a woman that seems to cut against everything she stood for Texas A and M law professor Meg Penrose says Trump should pick the best candidate, regardless of gender. Trump says he will be picking a woman. And so ah, small fair food vendors have been able to feed thousands at the Orange County Fair Food Drive through Kathy Cookies owner Kathie Johnson says pretty much all of her venues are shut down by Cove in 19 Way, missed all our customers and everything. So.

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