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Into the firm and and supply chain financing is a lot about really looking at your working capital, and what an are there ways you can use your supply chain particularly usually upstream to to help fund your corporation like apple has apple's been the most valuable company most of the last five or six years and one of the reasons. Is that they? They really understood this supply chain. Idea for for a lot of a lot of years. You up and there's this whole industry. Started with banks, but but now has moved outside of banks into what we call syntax, financial technology firms runaround grownup around the way of of facilitating. different kinds of payment systems in order to make suppliers healthier because most all of the large corporations, certainly American corporations have slowed down there accounts payable. So you know ten years ago, it was not a typical to see thirty day payment terms. You know we've taught for years at the university in a purchasing. Class to ten net thirty. You know that that whole, so you get a discount, if you if you pay a ten days, but you gotta pay by thirty days well, truthfully mostly, that's gone out the window and and a lot of companies. You could pretty much name. Any Large Corporation in think of and there probably at one hundred twenty days payables now, so there's been this whole. As as firms have realized this idea. Let's use our supply chain better lets users suppliers particularly. Let's leverage them. There's been this whole industry developed to to try to make those suppliers healthier. at a minimal cost of so that they can afford to keep buying raw materials and components than so on so entering vacant sell to the big guys who are. Not GonNA PAM as quickly. Yeah, it's You know the supply chain optimization. Used to be in the in the realm of operations management right? WHAT THE BOOK! Really, making making clear that it's really a combination of operations orbit finance..

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