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Clyde Barrow Played by Warren Beatty and Bonnie Parker played by Faye dunaway. Meet when Clyde tries to steal the car belonging to Bonnie's mother Bonnie who is bored by her job as a waitress is intrigued by Clyde and decides to take up with him and become his partner in crime they pull off some minor holdups but their amateur efforts while exciting are not very lucrative. The duo's crime spree shifts into high gear once they hook up with the dimwitted gas station attendant. Cw Moss played by Michael J Pollard and clydes older brother. Buck played by Gene Hackman and wife. Blanche played by still parsons. Who is a preacher's daughter? The women dislike each other immediately and their feud escalates over time. Blanche has nothing but disdain for Bonnie Clyde. Ncw while Bonnie Sees Blanche's flighty presence as a constant danger to the gangs survival. Bonnie and Clyde turned from pulling small time heist into rubbing banks their exploits also become more violent when CW botches parking for a bank robbery. Clyde has to shoot the bank manager in the face after he jumps onto the slow moving cars running board. The gang is pursued by law enforcement including Texas Ranger Frank. Hamer whom they capture and humiliate before setting him free arrayed later catches the outlaws off guard mortally wounding buck with a shot to the head and injuring. Blanche Bonnie Clyde NCW barely escape alive with blanche sightless and in police custody. Hamer tricks her into revealing CW's last name who was up until this point still only an unidentified suspect. Hamer locates Bonnie Clyde and C W hiding at the house of CW's father who thinks that the couple have corrupted his son. The elder moss strikes a bargain with hammer in exchange for leniency. For his son he helps set a trap for the outlaws. Bonnie and Clyde stop on the side of the road to help Mr Moss fix a flat tire. The police in the bushes opened fire and riddle them with bullets. Bonnie and Clyde had a budget of two point five million dollars and then ultimately brought in seventy million at the box office adjusted for inflation. That's a budget of just over. Nineteen million and a box office hall of almost five hundred and forty million dollars..

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