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The older you get the less you you you can just do not care but people love it i'm telling you i've never seen the valley that packed before ever not for any of this is like the fourth coachella you've been through so that's interesting and it gets more popular year well then we have stage coach and then when's old chela time after stagecoach name in the marketing director why you wanna go to old shalah oh wait study or something you know use penicillin to clear up well friday night we had some major breaking news right at the very end of the show and as we mentioned before we stayed on the air until seven thirty because we heard from the president we heard from the pentagon over the weekend we heard from the heads of state of england and france we struck syria we attacked their chemical weapons stockpiles which they apparently were intending on using yet again that's the the explanation that was given by theresa may over in great britain she said that we had to act otherwise more women and children were going to get gassed the reactions were pouring in all over the weekend all over the place you had people who supported the strikes you had people who opposed it yet people who thought it was unconstitutional you thought you had people thought it was a perfectly within the purview of the executive authority so joining us right now to help make heads entails out all this is christian whitman who's a former senior advisor and author of smart power between diplomacy and war former senior adviser by the way in several administrations and campaigns christian thanks so much for joining us great to be here thanks what's your initial reaction of the strikes in syria because jillian and i were a little skittish on this because we just don't want to get involved in any more foreign entanglements than were already involved in i think that's a good sentiment and specifically this is not an effort to get involved more in the syrian civil war or to do regime change against the side or to do nation building in syria really this was an attack in reports have come out of the three options are gone presented.

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