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That's what everybody clearance level three warning here I got all three you guys well worn lives three days trifectas headlines I don't know yeah New South Wales Australia sometimes you take the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of new people jump out of the closet how is yours not mine it's a couple of guys with machetes went into the wrong house listen we're all into different staff right as a people okay these two guys have been hired to carry out a client's fantasy of being tied up in his underwear and hit with a broom and don't say head I know I know you said head but it says here stroked with a broom I was trying to sanitize Nick's sick stuff when I got I got home and realize there is a light on his kitchen he thought it was a friend who comes by every morning to make morning coffee that's a very nice friend and when he calls out Hey Bob turn the resident turned on the light and removed a sleep apnea mask that he was wearing this story has everything all of them standing above his bed with machetes which they appeared to have brought as props for the role play a minute when they the guy didn't order the machetes he ordered the broom to stroke him when they realize their error one of the pair said sorry mate and shook the president's hand then they drove to the correct address where the client noticed one man had a great big knife in his trousers and ask them to leave the weapons in the car he then cook bacon eggs and noodles police arrived at the property found shot he's in the car and rested the hired I what I have follow up questions that we're just we don't have any time that one is number two what's going on you too one there's two signs and no women who ringing well there was a couple.

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