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Tim like main squeezes of tim kirch in you can only get them here why are we badgering this poor person i don't know if you want to talk like mike okay oh for the love of god where where the fake michael came come from where we we come come from from what are you talking about it's in sixties we've talked to terry very late people the why master way do you want to talk like michael okay donlevatar stugatz a liar whatev stu gods what we know this about yourself what happened i just it's a statement of fact someone who lies so much that can be correctly identified as a liar yes i don't do you even dispute that no no vc's live at our show with this two guys on espn radio can this go on air what are you guys laughing about that way can this is another now that we were just saying the marlins of find their own one a little bit of a rough start but they got there as tonight they got caleb smith on the man and everyone knows he's dr cat yeah the seeing caleb stands for it stands for ks espn radio is presented by progressive insurance someone's joining us just a second here on the shell pennzoil performance line who's joining us thank our it goes so try to restrain your enthusiasm up super exciting fake our goes out his best ever appearance on our show a couple of weeks ago mr c is on the guest line we'll get to it in a second hold on a second we'll get to it in just a second we're going to do this sportscenter first before we get to what are you calling him mr see i mean you know what the see mr st seasons four stands for k.

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