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No. The it's a difficult question to figure out who to six months from now will be available to coach the Colorado Rapids, and who will want the job as many people have observed. It's a job to hire for this is not Atlanta United. You know, you can't follow Tom Martino with Frank Deboer. Big national big international names, you have to follow a guy who most people haven't heard of with a guy that maybe somebody's heard of. I think the Rapids have often tried to be like other clubs by going out and getting European players going out and scouring the European market this year, it was getting MLS veterans. I think Colorado needs to think differently because we won't be the same. We've never never going to be the same as Atlanta and Seattle in LA we need to be something else. So what I think that the Rapids need to do with looking likely places and be more via a little bit different. A little bit more careful and thoughtful of. Reaching down in picking out players who are maybe a little bit more surprising, which would be really really good coaches. Sorry, who would be a little bit more surprising that that means, you know, US L it means league AmEx? It means. I don't know. There's a lot of option is in coaches in the air. Visit question Mark. I mean, really anybody who's a zig when when everybody else's zagging like you can't you can't you can't attract people to Colorado in the same way. We just we don't we don't have a record of winning for almost a decade. Now, we're not a big money team or a big market team. And we're not enough fancy. Flashy place, a great place to lit, but it's not New York City. So also pork missed on his first coach in he's missed on a fair amount of players his reputation isn't stellar right now. So I don't have confidence. Then I don't think anybody reasonably. Should just lasting back to your last point. I only found out about pork being tied to Hudson weather Porac was going down with his ship. Also, potentially this year found out recently that pork Smith is basically in indirect control of the Colorado Rapids. There is nobody at the club above him in paygrade. He's essentially directly responsible to Josh Kroenke himself. So in order for pork Smith to get fired. Josh Kanchi has to decide that he needs to be fired, and that would require a certain degree of interest in the Colorado Rapids from Josh Kroenke. But we have not really seen until now any other questions met. Yeah. We've got a couple. I guess the only thing I'll say is poor Smith has a lot of time with how much season is left. I think should take that time to try and make the right hire. They'll be if he's. Looking internationally that the best opportunity will be in the summer if not it'll probably be later in the season. I think you know, if we get to August, I and Rapids haven't hired somebody, or they're the athlete is breaking something on urgent news regarding the Rapids on that front, and there aren't hot rumors, and I would say more likely there looking at somebody domestic origin or domestic and availability next question comes from Jodi Robbins, what is the best formation for this team. Now the five three two doesn't have enough offense. Four three three would be miscast in Rubio's winger Nicholson only works out wide, right question. Mark four to I'm assuming Jody you're referring to the diamond in this case results have not been great three one again with the winger problem. Honestly, Jody I would simplify things tactically because that would make things simpler for the defenders in terms of what's in front of them. And that would make things simpler for the midfielder's. I go flat four four two. And I'd I'd Pablo tactics hashtag keep fighting the heck out of this. I would be a low defensive low block team, and I would try to counter and I'd go full route one to KAI Kamara. I don't think that's gonna work because of how this team is built right now. But you're going with anything else that we've seen in the teams getting torn apart. Mark your thoughts. I would go the only solutions now have to be fairly radical because I think you're right that like this defense gets torn apart. So you need to you need a tactical solution that will address that my two favorite my favorite option is a four one four one or four one three two which is just a tweak of the four four two diamond to some degree you need a defensive midfielder in there. I would try. Axel show Burg as your defensive midfielder in kind of a pneumonia matych giant roving, kind of Stroia type thing who also

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