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The time to don show and now you can join us at five one two eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five nine oh five five two I don't think you take me seriously I just like I don't like to get involved in America Justin's like there could be some issues of trust me everything's going really really well listen coming up tomorrow the central Texas regional mobility authority the board of directors will consider raising the speed limit on the mopac express lanes not mopac but just to the express lane yes right Levin miles long yeah thinking about boosting it up to seventy miles an hour currently it's at sixty five they also want to create a minimum speed limit of fifty five miles an hour on the same express lines that would include construction zones reduce speed zones are you know time to bad weather that sort of thing but what you can imagine how people get frustrated if you're in the express line and the cars are going faster on the on the real lines I don't have to imagine I have experience that more times than I can tell yeah yeah I don't imagine that all of of experience the horrible reality that that is when you're held captive well yeah when you're a prisoner because the person in front of you feels that the express lane mains well hell I'm just gonna take it easy I got this thing myself yeah well the central Texas regional mobility authority they've conducted a speed zone study to find suggested limits for this express line initial drivers who use them are often frustrated by the slower moving vehicles preventing them from getting the full benefit of paying for the faster way you get in that line and also to get somebody that's going exactly the speed limit sixty five miles an hour right everybody knows in that express lane you should be going one twenty listen if you're not good I'm I'm serious if you're not going eighty you're going to damn slow on the express all that one eighty would be speeding you can't sign I'm I'm sorry hold on but that is the if you're going to keep up if you're going to keep up don't don't again don't shoot the messenger it is what it is going to keep up if you're going to stay ahead you gotta go eighty at least at least that's that's how it is show they have got a incentivize people to keep it going well this proposal a several potential benefits of increasing the speed limit and adding a minimum speed which includes discouraging wide variations instant travel speeds you know you don't know how fast it's going to go see you may hesitate to even get in there the CTR may said they could in this could reduce crashes increase the number of cars that can pass through the express lanes and one time and meeting driver expectations of a faster commute not experiencing express right well the board approves the resolution the new speed about going to a fact as soon as they can get the signs up and according to the proposal the cost of changing the speed limit signs about eighty thousand dollars on that eleven mile stretch the the other problem they have here is is the fact that is creating some some road rage because when all general get behind someone who is literally going sixty or fifty five it sometimes in the express lane and you've got the rest of my pack on the main free lines yeah their passion you which is just a the feel of it is just the most frustrating so you get on their tail you get on their tail because you have to send the message that you're going to slow right otherwise it's a complete waste of money and a complete waste of time show it's it they they do need to fix it yeah it is there is a PR problem for sure but but there's also the reality of of it's it's becoming believe it or not a dangerous situation as a result I think so I think some people are dangerous because people are getting frustrated as people get you you've got some road rage going on you have to believe me I have I have it my blood pressure his shot through the roof as a result A. N. you tell cannot find myself tail gating because you got to get a lot of hay get the message here this is express you get aggressive yeah yeah I do I do another one which is strange because you're not typically aggressive kind of got no I'm not I'm not but this will drive you drive you insane how many you you get you get bold inside there but I'm not I'm not you know hit their bumper anything like that but I will definitely get it close on I'm just sick to send the mess and what if they tap the brakes in your rear end of that we got a big problem well come on man you got to think don't do that yeah don't do that well not only that we don't know so I just tolerated I just I just yeah I just go with the flow yeah just don't use it okay listen we got this story on the front page of our Todd and don show Facebook page elicited a.

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